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Maize (Zea Mays) Pest

Maize Pest Management

Maize Pest and Management
Maize Pest 

We were aware of the maize/corn is the most cultivated crop in the world and due to maize pests and diseases around 10 percent of the crop yield per hectare is affected every year.  This article help to reduce the pest attack over maize crop. There are some pests of maize like armyworm in maize that will affect more than 50 percent. Lets us see the most pests of maize and their management. 

Corn/Maize Pest and Control

Here is the maize pest list.

1.Stem Borer

It is the common pest of maize or corn and in scientific terms, we can say that it is Chilo partellus. This insect pest commonly attacks in the Kharif season in India.  Due to this pest, a borehole will appear on the stem near the nodes. Larva enters the stem and feeds the internal nodes. Young larva feeds the stem, leaf of maize and appears holes on the plant. Generally, we can identify the insect by seeing the shot hole. Also, affected maize shows internally tunneling caterpillars.


Mix the granules with sand and make a total 50 kg quantity of Phrorate 10% CG 10kg/ha or Carbaryl 4% G 20kg/ha after 20 days of sowing.
It also Can be controlled by Carbaryl 50 WP 1kg/ha in 500 liters of water/ha. or Dimethoate 30 EC 650 ml/ha or  Cholorophyriphos 1-1.5 ml/l of water for an optimum result against borers.

2. Corn Worms

These insect pests attack silk or developing grains. These are spherical in shape and creamy white in color. ( Helicoverpa armigera) larva shows a variation in color from greenish to brown. The body has lateral white lines. In Advanced or adult has brownish-yellow stont moth. Results borehole on the cob.


Use the pheromone trap 12/ha.
Also can be controlled by  carbaryl 10D  or Malathion 5D or Phosalone 4 D 25kg/ha during 3rd and 20th day of panicle emergence 

3. Stem fly, Weevils and Aphids

Stem fly attacks on young growing shoots and the weevils attacks on secondary roots and adults on leaves of maize. The flies are small grey colored and weevils are also grey colored. Aphids can attack on leaves resulting in yellowing of leaves. They are yellow dark green color with legs, mostly found on central whorl leaves.


Weevils and aphids can be controlled with a mix of the granules with sand and make a total 50 kg quantity of Phrorate 10% CG 10kg/ha or Carbaryl 4% G 20kg/ha after 20 days of sowing. or Dimethoate 30 EC 650 ml/ha.
Fly can be controlled with seed treatment with imidacloprid 70ws 10g/kg of seed. It also can be controlled with methyl dematon 25 EC 500ml/ha or  Dimethoate 30 EC  1150 ml/ha.

4.  Fall Armyworm in Maize

FAW is Spodoptera frugiperda is a destructive pest native to Americans who recently invaded India and at present. It mostly attacks in southern India like Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Gujarat, Bengal, Bihar, and Gujarat and Kerala at an alarming level. Also attacks all Poaceae family crop like grass, rice, wheat, ragi, and fodder crop.  They look like grey-brown in color and the moth has white spots on tip and center forewings. It will survive 2-3 weeks before dying and run up long distances. The symptoms of damage were small to large irregular and elongated holes on the leaves.


Emamectin benzoate 5G 0.4g/l or spinosad 45 SC 0.3ml/l or cholorantraniliprole 18.5 SC 0.4g/l for optimum control.
If bigger larva found then apply Thiodicarb 75 WP. 

These are the most found pests in maize or corn. If you want to read the diseases of maize then click on the given link.


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