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About wheat rust, area of damage, symptoms and its control measures.

Wheat Rust
About Wheat Yellow Rust: Yellow rust disease is mainly found in the foothills of the mountains, but for the last few years, the outbreak of this disease has been found in the plains of North India. There is a possibility of yellow rust disease occurring in the wheat crops in January and February. Low temperature and high humidity are favorable for yellow rust disease of wheat. When touched by hand, the spores of the fungus from the stripes look like yellow in the hand. There is no yield due to this disease of the crop and farmers have to wash their hands from the crop. Nearly three lakh hectares of the wheat crop was damaged in 2011 due to the outbreak of yellow ocher in the Terai regions of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in northern India.

Symptoms of yellow rust disease: Symptoms of this disease are often seen in cold and humid areas, as well as in the crops grown around Poplar and White. Yellowing of leaves is not only yellow rust, due to yellow leaves, but there may also be a lack of nutrients in the crop, an excessive amount of salt in the ground and stagnation of water. In yellow rust disease, the yellow powder is formed on the leaves of wheat, which becomes yellow when hands are touched. Clothes also turn yellow by visiting such fields. The yellowing of leaves is not only called yellow rust, but it is a symptom of powdery yellow material on the hand. A yellow stripe appears on the upper surface of the leaves, which gradually turns the entire leaves yellow.

The yellow powder can also be seen falling on the ground. Ongoing to the affected crop field, the clothes become yellow and powdery yellow material appears in hands-on touching. In the first stage, the disease starts as a circular circle on 10-15 plants in the field and later spreads throughout the field. The yellow stripes turn black on the lower surface of the leaves as the temperature rises.

Crop measures:  Farmers can apply recommended varieties / anti-disease varieties recommended for the area and do sowing on time. Observe the field carefully; especially pay close attention to the crop grown around the trees. Keep the rams of the fields especially clean.
Mechanical Control: If there is an early symptom of yellow ocher on the leaves/earrings, then burn the affected leaves/earrings with a sharp catchier, fill it in a polybag so that the air does not increase its infestation.
Biological control: 1 kg Powder of tobacco leaves 20 kg Sprinkle in the field before sowing or planting seeds mixed with wood ash. Mix the same quantity of cow urine and neem oil and prepare the mixture well and 500 ml. Lee Dissolve the mixture in 15-20 liters of water and spread it to the crop. Make 10 liters of gamutra and 5 kg of neem leaf and 250 grams of garlic, spray it with 80 to 90 liters of water per acre. Fill 5 liters of whey in a clay pot and claim it in the soil for 7 days, after that mix 1-liter whey in 40 liters of water and spray it.
Must do seed and land treatment. 5 to 6 grams of Trichoderma per kg for seed treatment. Sown after sowing from the seed and 1 kg for land reclamation. 25 kg to Trichoderma Mix in the rotten manure of cow dung and use it in the field 6 to 7 days before sowing.
Chemical control: 200 milliliters as soon as symptoms of the disease appear. Propiconazole 25% E.C. (Propiconazole 25% EC) or pyraclostrobin 133 g / liter + epoxyconazole 50 g / l. (Pyraclostrobin 133 g / l + Epoxiconaxole 50 g / l Suspo-Emulsion) Make a solution in liters of water and spray it per acre. In view of the outbreak and spread of this disease, do second spraying at a difference of 10-15 days.

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