About us

Vantika Tech is a combination of two words vantika like Vatika or plants and tech means technology. we are going to provide all agriculture information to farmers which is useful for him and software technology to our youth generation to learn new techniques and implement on their daily challenges.

In Agriculture, we are covering all crops with advisory, crop pests, and diseases Nutrient required, Commodity update, weather impacts on crops and crop management.

The problems facing small farmers from the starting of agriculture are as diverse as their crop varieties: Labor shortages. Soil health. Food spoilage. Trade wars. Lack of access to data on seed pricing, yield information, and even commodity forecasting. To support economically and socially small marginalized farmer’s livelihoods by creating a blog modality, which encourages and promotes agriculture and technology to our future generation can have the privilege of living on this beautiful and green planet, that can survive another million of years without being disturbed by man-made chemical and related synthesis. After this when I met a person who helps me for providing a medium to share my views and knowledge with others to help them by technology. When Agricultural comes with technology it helps the small marginal farmers, students and other people to increase their ability to do something for others.


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