Thursday 23 January 2020

Locust/Tiddi attack

As we were seeing them from last years they came from Pakistan and attack in Rajasthan crop. When the name of Locust's name comes in mind the farmer and govt came in tension. Not only is the name of locust danger reduced in the state. Till now the locust had blown the farmers, but now they are facing even more danger and that is the locust eggs. If locusts started coming out of these eggs, the situation would get worse because a locust lays more than a hundred eggs at a time. They were not only in one district of the state they increasing day by day in Gujarat and Rajasthan now Punjab govt had also acted in some areas.
Locust Attack

Locust experts say that farmers should monitor locusts for their color. If the locust is light pink then there is no risk of laying eggs. At the same time, if the grasshopper is yellow, then there is a possibility that it has either laid eggs or is ready to lay. In such a situation, farmers are being advised to search for their egg-laying place and destroy them as soon as the children grow out of them. Experts say that the grasshopper is very sluggish while laying eggs and is sitting in one place. In such a situation it will be very convenient to kill them.

Locust life cycle

Let us tell you that the life of locusts is generally considered to be three to six months. If you get favorable conditions and food for life, it can live for six months. Locusts lay eggs in moist areas. The locust lays eggs from twenty to two hundred at a time. The female grasshopper pierces the ground and saves her eggs. Eggs break up in ten to twenty days in the hot climate. In the winter, these eggs remain dormant.
Baby grasshoppers do not have feathers and in other things, they are similar to adult grasshoppers. Baby grasshopper food is vegetative and becomes an adult in five to six weeks. Its skin changes from four to six times in this period. Adult locusts reach adulthood within 10 to 30 days and then they lay eggs again. Locust development depends heavily on humidity and heat. The best way to kill grasshoppers is to spray the chemicals on the eggs as soon as they break so that the child can be destroyed there.

The grasshopper team attacks like a trained army

Grasshoppers are completely different creatures. They attack like a trained army in the herd and move through the ravaged fields. The field of locust contingents invades the field on which it intends to attack and devastates the field until it reaches the other end. The grasshopper party continues to wreak havoc until all the crops in that field are wasted. When he is fully convinced that there is no more left for his interest in that field, then he moves to the next field and makes him a victim. The locust party is the most ruthless and creepy variety among insect pests that damage crops.

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