Monday 27 January 2020

Haryana Govt. issue Alert in Wheat Crop

The Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has issued an alert across the Haryana when a case of yellow rust occurred in the wheat crop in Panchkula. A letter has been mailed or sent to all the agricultural deputy directors to Haryana and has ordered a regular inspection of the wheat and experts to be vigilant. Due to high moisture content in the current season, the possibility of a yellow rust outbreak increases over the state. Yellow rust is a fungus that gradually destroys standing crops entire field. Let’s see how much area according to district
Haryana Govt Alert
Wheat Alert

District Area (in hectares)

Hisar 2 lakh 25 thousand
Fatehabad 1 Lakh 90
Sirsa 2 lakh 98
Bhiwani 1 lakh 20
Rohtak 1 Lakh 05
Jhajjar 1 lakh 06
Sonipat 1 Lakh 50
Gurugram 45 thousand
Faridabad 32 thousand
Karnal 1 lakh 78
Panipat 85 thousand
Kurukshetra 1 Lakh 15
Kaithal 1 lakh 75
Ambala 86 thousand
Panchkula 18 thousand
Yamunanagar 90 thousand
Jind 2 Lakh 17
Mahendragarh 50 thousand
Rewari 47 thousand
Mewat 78 thousand
Palwal 96 thousand
Charkhi Dadri 17 thousand

The possibility of an outbreak of the disease is being reported in the districts along the river Yamuna. Because there is a high moisture content area. On the knocking of the disease, yellow powder appears on the leaves of wheat plants. It occurs in powder lines. Gradually the leaf starts to dry and photosynthesis does not take place after the leaves have dried, resulting in the whole plant slowly drying up.

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