Wednesday 22 January 2020

Agricultural work to be done in the month of January

Wheat Crop:

In wheat crop mainly pest and disease can be seen over major parts of the country. 

For prevention of leaf and stem borer imidacloprid 500 ml or Quanlphos 25EC 1litre/ha. For rust problem spray Propiconazole should be spray for an effective solution. Irrigate wheat in the late variety 17 to 18 days after sowing and irrigate at an interval of 15-20 days thereafter. To protect the wheat crop from mice/rats, use a feed made of phosphide or a vaccine made of aluminum.


Farmers can transplant onion if they were ready in nursery. .Irrigate the onion plants after transplanting and sprinkle the pendimethalin   2.5 liters per hectare after planting for weed control.

In cabbage irrigation the crop and work for weeding and earthing up to the crop.

Last month planted tomato,  do the work of supporting in the planted tomato crop.

In the case of tomato and onion deficiency of zinc and boron, use 20-25 kg sulfate and borax.

Pulses crop

To control pea pods, spray imidacloprid 1-1.5 ml per liters of water.

Sprinkle the metacystox 20 EC  for leaf weevil in peas at a rate of 1 liter per hectare.

To prevent powdery disease ie powdery mildew in peas, spray Karathane (0.05%) or wettable sulfur (0.2%) of Carbendazim of Bayor(0.05%) and spray repeat it at an interval of 10-12 days per hectare.

Fruit crops:

Irrigate mango seedlings and orchards of guava, papaya, and litchi.

Sprinkle monocrotophos 0.04% solution to protect mango trees from mosses.

Harvesting of grapes should be done this month.

In addition to first-year dung or compost manure in grapes, add 100 grams of phosphate and 80 grams of potash per plant.

Add 50 to 75 kilograms of compost per plant in citrus

Plucking up of guava fruit 

Sow papaya seeds in the poly-house.

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