Friday, 13 March 2020

Integrated Agri project in Himachal 80 Millon Doller

Integrated Agri project in Himachal 80 Millon Doller
Integrated Agri project in Himachal 80 Millon Doller

The latest update from the Government of India and the Government of Himachal Pradesh also the World Bank signed a US $ 80 million loan agreement to improve water management processes and increase agricultural productivity in selected gram panchayats (village councils) in the state
Himachal Pradesh.

It is an integrated project for source stability and rain-based agriculture in the state  Himachal Pradesh will be implemented in 428-gram panchayats in 10 districts, benefitting more than 40 thousand small farmers, women, and rural communities.

Risk is high in agriculture due to being a hill state

Sameer Kumar Khare, Additional Secretary in the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India said, "We encourage climate-smart agricultural processes in India." Farmers will need technical and financial support to adopt agricultural processes suited to their geography and climate. As a hilly state, Himachal Pradesh is particularly sensitive to climate change and associated risks. The sustainable water management process under this project can play a big role in doubling farmers' income. This goal has been set by the Government of India. Therefore, it is important that all available technologies and resources are put to good use to increase water use.

Farming will be encouraged in low lying areas of the state

Khare on behalf of the Government of India and Junaid Aham, the Country Director of India on behalf of the World Bank, signed the loan agreement while Ram Subhag Singh, Additional Chief Secretary (Forest) from the Government of Himachal Pradesh was also present. The low lying areas of Himachal Pradesh do not have the facility of irrigation water, due to which the farmers are dependent on rainwater only. The effect of this is being seen on the production of apples in the state. This project will improve the water sources in forests, pastures, and grasslands and ensure that a sufficient amount of water is available even in the low places of Himachal Pradesh to promote farming.


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