Tuesday 24 March 2020

India Lockdown for 21 Days

PM Modi Declare 21 days lockdown India

coronavirus updates
coronavirus lockdown

Due to the coronavirus our PM, Narender Modi  Declared lockdown for the next 21 days. The lockdown will be
continued and apply to all states of India. Also, PM appeals to citizens to keep inside the home for the next few days to combat the spread of coronavirus pandemic. And Worn if anyone going outside inviting the virus inside their home. 

From Today midnight 24-March 2020, the entire country will be a lockdown. Because India is a high population nation i.e 1.3 billion people and the risk is more after watching the condition of China and Italy. Last time PM announced the Janata Curfew for One day and people of India support the Janata Curfew now the situation is more critical and has to lock down the entire country. Modi said on Tuesday in a televised address, his second in a week. 

India Lockdown
India Lockdown

The total number of coronavirus positive cases in Global is 401013 it spread very fast coronavirus first reach to one lakh in more than 60 days and the next one lakh to 10 days and the next one lakh only in 3 days and the latest one lakh in just 2 days. Confirmed death cases record 17480 worldwide, where 81171 cases and 3277 death in China, 63927 cases and 6077 death in Italy, United States 48778 cases 588 death, Spain 39676 cases 2800 death Germany 31370 cases 133 death and Iran 24811 cases with 1934 death. These are the top country of positive cases and the total country which is infected by the coronavirus is more than 180 where India is at 40th rank. In India, coronavirus positive cases reach 519 and 10 death.

These are the updates on coronavirus till now, please stay at home for your family and nation.


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