Sunday 22 March 2020

Corn (Maize) Variety

Maize Variety in India

Maize Variety
Maize Varieties

Hi, We are going to read about the Hybrid and Modified different varieties of maize or corn released by the Govt as well as private organizations.
Also their maturity days, states and features of Maize varieties.  According to the Indian Institute of maize research following variety are verified and released by the organizations.

List of Maize Variety

Vivek Hybrid 27_P3401_P3544_HTMH 5402_GK 3150_Hy-brix 53_Hi-brix-39_HTMH 5106 Hybrid
RJ-2020_RMH-4620_Sweet Corn 1_PMH 10 (Hybrid_DKC 9126 (MCH 46)_Palam Sankar Makka 2
Karimnagar Makka-1_LAXMI 3636_Dragon_CANDY (KSCH-333_KMH-7148_P 3580_NMH-713_S 6217
SMH-3904_DHM 119_KMH-22168_HSC 1_NAH-2049_Shaktiman-4_HQPM-1_DMRHP1402

In the above table Abbreviations:

MLB: Maydis Leaf Blight
TLB: Turcicum Leaf Blight
PR: Polyspora Rust
BLSB: Banded leaf and sheath blight
DCH: Doublecross hybrid
BSDM: Brown Spot Downy Mildew
PFSR: Post Flowering Stalk Rot
RDM: Rajasthan Downy Mildew
DM: Downy Mildew
SDM: Sorghum Downy Mildew
ESR: Erwinia stalk rot
SB: Stem borer
PSR: Pythium Stalk Rot

I hope you got your answer


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