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Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation
Crop Rotation 

In India and some other countries, farmers are using traditional farming at the time of modern agriculture time. Where farmers are doing organic farming, vertical farming, and Gardening. We were seeing from the last few years that the weather has changed and the climate is turning every year due to global warming. So the cropping pattern also needs a change for quality and quantity maintenance. In the BC period to the 20th Century period time, farmers used
to practice crop rotation but they had no idea of the scientific reasons behind the success of the rotation practice nor did they have the specific term/reason for the practice. So let us read about the crop rotation and why it is important for our crop and soil.

What is Crop Rotation?

In Agriculture term crop rotation is a technique of planting crops in a different area of the field so that no single crop will be planted in the same place two—or more—years in a row. Also, we can say the method of farming where the different crops are grown year to year in the same field. It is a practice of changing the crops that you grow in a field each year to preserve the good qualities in the soil so that soil stays healthy and fertile.

In a very simple way we can say that the crop changing pattern year by year like in India, In Kharif crop like Paddy is growing in a field next year when Kharif came you will grow cotton, Animal Feed or other crops except paddy is called crop rotation. Changing the pattern of the crop to maintain soil health.

Why is Crop Rotation Important?

Crop rotation plays many roles it helps to maintain soil structure and nutrient levels and to prevent soilborne pests from getting a foothold in the field.

When one/single crop is planted in the same field every year, the soil structure slowly deteriorates because the same nutrients are used time and time again. The soil becomes unhealthy, drained of those specific nutrients after a few years. Simultaneously, insect pests and diseases that mostly feed on the single crop—and that spend their larval stage in the soil will become more prolific as their food source remains. These pests/insects become harder to manage every year as their population increases. 

In a simple way, if you grow the same crop in the same field every year then a chance to insect/pests is high because in soil their serving chances are high and their management is low due to the previous crop. another thing is to your same nutrients that are present in soil are used, remaining nutrients are still there.

What Are the Benefits of Crop Rotation?

  • Increases soil fertility, such as organic matter and beneficial microorganism, improve soil quality for the future crop planted in the same field. 
  • Alternating shallow-rooted and deep-rooted crops in a given area draw nutrients from the soil at varying depths. 
  • Soilborne pests that feed on one family of plants are hindered because the source of food is changed every year.
  • Increases crop yield- It is found that Crop rotation increases the harvest obtained from a single seasonal harvest.
  • Increase in soil nutrients- It helps to add up or absorbs different soil nutrients to the soil.
  • Reduces soil erosion-reduce raindrop impact on the soil and general erosion by water because the roots of the plants hold the top layer soil together.
  • Reduces the stress of weeds- weed control technique that involves maintaining your field conditions such that weeds are less likely to grow and/or increase in number.


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