Saturday 28 March 2020

Weather and its impct on crops

The weather observed, forecast and its impact on Agricultural crops

Weather is a major factor for farmers, trader and normal citizens for his life. As we have seen that during the last few days the unseasonal rains occur in many parts of the country. This rain plays an important role, especially for farmers and traders. 
crop weather impact

Lets first read about the previous weather observed in the last few days.
During these days light to moderate rains observed in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi NCR in northern India where some Parts of Maharashtra and Assam also received rain. Also, In Hilly areas of northern like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand. A 4-5 degree of day temperature is fall. Due to rain and lockdown in the country, the air quality is improved. These rains are good and bad for different agricultural crops. If we see for wheat in some areas they are good where irrigation is required but the rain with thunderstorm and high rain will affect the wheat where the crop is matured. Totally not good for the mustard crop because it is matured and harvested in some areas of northern Inda.  

If we see the weather forecast for 28 March 2020 Jammu, Himachal and Uttarkhand there is the possibility of moderate rain with snowfall. whereas light rain may occur over Punjab, Haryana, West Uttar Pradesh, and Some parts of Maharashtra. Also in Delhi NCR and Assam may occur light rain.
Day temperatures may also increase in many parts of India from tomorrow onwards.

Lets read about the crop impact on crops and farmers can do these activities to crops.

Before storing the grains in storage, clean the storage house and dry the grains. Farmers can clean by doing spray of   Malathion 50 EC on the roof, walls, and floor of the store.

Keeping the temperature moderate, give light irrigation to the wheat crop at the grain filling stage.  Irrigation must at evening time when the speed of the wind is low because of the chance of lodging is low or to avoid the lodging of the crop. 

Farmers can start the sowing of moong and urad crops. If they want to sow advanced Varieties: - Moong - Pusa Vishal, Pusa 9531, PD M-11, SML-668; Urad- Pant Urad-19, Pant Urad-30, Pant Urad-35, PDU-1. Before sowing the seeds must be treated with crop special rhizobium and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria. There should be sufficient moisture in the field for good germination.

In view of the temperature situation this week, farmers should apply cow dung in the fields prepared for the sowing of okra, A-4, Parbani Kranti, Hisar Upgraded, Punjab Padmani, Arka Anamika, etc. are some good variety if you want to read about the variety of okra then click on the highlighted word. In the soil, there is sufficient moisture in the field for good germination. Seed rate and sowing time of vegetables you can read from here. Because the current temperature is optimum for different vegetables for direct sowing like French bean (container) vegetable cowpea (Pusa Sukomal) etc. I suggest the farmers get the improved seeds from any certified source only.  Apply irrigation after transplanting of vegetables.

During this weather, the possibility of thrips attacks over the timely sown onion and monitors the crop continuously.  If the thrips are sown in vegetables they use Imidacloprid @ 0.5 ml / l.

Also, to protect tomato fruits from fruit borer, farmers should attract plant birds in the field. They collect insect-destroyed fruits and press them into the ground. Also, apply Firomone traps @ 2-3 traps per acre and change the lure after 15 days for the management of pests.

During this temperature, farmers can start the sowing of fodder crops jowar, millet, maize, cowpea, etc. in the fields. Sowing of HM-4 variety of baby corn can also be started. Maize Improved variety you can read here. 

If bunch disease is seen in mango orchards, then cut the flower bunch and destroy it and monitor the pest and bug found.

Please comment on any suggestion and query

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