Tuesday 24 March 2020

coronavirus: Procurement Postponed Cereals

coronavirus: Procurement in India Delayed

cases of coronavirus
Hi, Coronavirus entered India a few days back and now it starts spreading his legs day by day. Due to coronavirus more than 4 states and 75 districts lockdown till now.  If we talk about worldwide the number of positive cases of coronavirus was 381744 and 16558 deaths, the coronavirus is becoming pandemic. China is at the top with 81171 and Italy 63927 where  In India, the number of cases
reaches 500 where 10 confirmed deaths. coronavirus not only affects the humans it also affects the growth of the nation. 

Procurement delayed in Northern states

Wheat Procurement

Chandigarh: The federal wheat procurement is may be delayed up to two weeks de to coronavirus. This happens in India due to labor shortage, Transportation including many states like Punjab which is a lockdown, curfewed till 31st March. The FCI( Food Corporation of India) purchases the bulk of central produce during the month of April in Northern states Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh. Farmers of these states will sell their cereal produced in designated mandi to govt agency at MSP. The Crop is near to the ripening stage in the northern region and Madhya Pradesh.

Procurement of crops postponed 

Rajasthan:  Government procurement of cereals and oilseed had stated on  1st April at the minimum support price (MSP), online registration work in the districts for government procurement was started from 18 March 2020, which is now postponed until the government's further coming order. It is due to the coronavirus disease in all the states. And the Rajasthan govt lockdown the whole state till 31st mar5ch and it may be extended if the situation is not handled, To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in entire Rajasthan. Government offices, malls, cinema halls, hotels, shops, factories and other establishments in the state will now remain closed till March 31, barring all essential services.

Mustard and Gram Procurement also canceled

State Cooperative Minister Udai Lal Anjana provided information about this and it is postponed for some time to control the spread of coronavirus in the state. So farmers avoid carrying their crop to Mandis till the further  Govt order in Rajasthan. Also, the pulses and oilseed online registration was started from March 6 in the Kota division and from March 18 to the rest of Rajasthan. Rajfad Managing Director Sushma Arora said that instructions have been issued to all procurement in-charges about stopping government procurement of agricultural commodities in the state, farmers will be notified when the process of procurement will continue.

MSP of Different Crops 

Wheat 1840(2019-20) increases to Rs. 1925(2020-21).
Barley 1440(2019-20) increases to  Rs..  1525(2020-21)
Gram 4620(2019-20) increases to  Rs. 4875(2020-21).
Mustard 4200(2019-20) increases to  Rs. 4425(2020-21)
Masur 4475(2019-20) increases to  Rs. 4800(2020-21)


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