Friday 27 March 2020

corona lockdown and Indian Farmer

Indian Farmer Problem and Situation in corona lockdown

This article describes the corona and lockdown impact on farmers' life. 

Farmer and Coronavirus

Farmers are facing double tension during these days first, the unseasonal weather rain, hailstorm and now this coronavirus. We thought the god has already decided to crush the Indian farmer.

This 21 days lockdown in India will stop the industry work and the citizens will not go outside their homes to control the coronavirus to become panic in the country. Also, Our Finance minister Nirmala Sitharam has announced 1.7 lakh crore relief fund to deal with coronavirus and Gareeb Kalyan Scheme, Food and Other needful things. 

Farmers Problem in Lockdown


But what about the farmer whose mustard crop is ready to harvest and the other rabi crops like gram, wheat, barley and paddy in southern  India. Farmers have to work in the field while the country is lockdown.  Famers did not get the insurance claim for it if his crop is damaged due to lack of labor because it is not in the PM Fasal Bima Yojna to claim this type of problem.

 If we discuss those farmers who are doing fishery, poultry farming the rate is near to nill.  Like other farmers, the same situation is of sugarcane farmers whose crop is ready to harvest and waiting for sale in the sugar mill. And they did not get the proper labor for sowing and harvesting. This is the main season of rabi crops harvesting and sowing of sugarcane in many states.

After one week the cereals, pulses, and vegetable crop arrival will start in Mandis. Before this, the main problem for the wheat crop is machinery because of most of the machinery came from Punjab and Haryana throughout the country. This corona and lockdown are stand in front of farmers with a new challenge.

In a lockdown, a farmer has to visit in his farm to feed his animals, his daily fieldwork like irrigation, harvesting, picking of vegetables and much other work at home level. It is not possible for a farmer to avoid the monitor his crop for 21 days. As the corona problem is critical for the nation like farmers problems also critical. If he did not harvest the crop he has not seeded for his family and for the next crop.

What will do farmer

The farmers have only two options they can stock or sell to money-lender because the govt had postponed the procurement of cereals. Farmers already got 20-30 percent damage in their crops due to weather and now this corona will affect our farmer.

Crop Sale Under MSP

The govt has decided the MSP of Mustard 4425 but the situation is that the crop is buying in Mandis at 3600 Rs quintal in Rajasthan. And Gram Prices in Maharastra Mandi 3650 while MSP is 4875. We can expect that the export in all country is stopped and this lockdown of 21 days in India also affect the Pulses prices. 

Middle Man take Profit

This lockdown and stopping of all industry and export there is a chance to earn profit by the middle man. Because he will stock these crops and sell at higher prices. The chance of crops, vegetables, and goods prices increases after this. 

After measuring these types of problem the farmers union had appealed to the govt for the favor of the farmers.

Lets Read about Finance Miniter Announcement for Citizens

  • Extension of tax deadlines
  • Gareeb Kalyan Yojna Will entail Rs. 1.7 Lakh Crore. In which Cash Transfer and Food security will take place.
  • Over and above 5kg of rice/wheat is given,  and another 5 kg also per person will be given to 80 crore people through PDS. Besides, one kg of a specific choice of a pulse will also be given.
  • The first installment of Rs 2000 of PM Kisan distributed in the first week of April 8.69 crore farmers will get the benefit.
  • Increase in wage rate from Rs 182 to Rs 202 amounting to an increase of Rs 2000 per worker leading to benefitting 5 crore people in MNREGA.
  • For three months, free cylinders. Will benefit 8.3 crore BPL families and free transition from all ATM.
  • The government of India Also pays the EPF contribution 24% for the next three months whose earning less than Rs 15,000.
  • EPFO regulation organized sector for workers can draw up to 75% for their contingency expenditure non-refundable advance or three months of wages for 4.8 cr workers.
  • Utilize the funds available for testing activities, medical screening, providing health attention needed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.
According to the Govt of India 435 lakh tons of stock food, in which 272.19  lakh tons are rice and 162.79 lakh tons Wheat.  This shoes there is no deficiency for citizens at the time of coronavirus.


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