Sunday 15 March 2020

Agriculture Work March

Agriculture Work to be done in month of March

Agriculture Work to be done in month of March


At this time, irrigate the moong crop at a 10-day interval. If the moong has become turns their color into light brown, then understand the crop is ready.


Sowing time of Sugarcane crop. Seed treatment can be performed before sowing with carbendazim or rexil @ 1g/liter or Agalal(3%) 0.5 solution/l. Commonly grown variety Co238, Co98014, CoSe 8272 are some early variety and general variety Co5011, Co8432, Coj88 for this time in Northern Region.
Also continues the harvesting of Sugarcane


Farmers can start sowing of maize at this month. 


At this month the crop is pod filling stage provides light irrigation if required. Caterpillar and fungus attacks may occur overcrop during this month. Spray carbendazim or Diathene M45 for fungus and Quinalphos for Borers.

Wheat and Barley:

In this month the wheat starts turning their color for harvesting. Dry the wheat thoroughly before storing grains so that there is no moisture left in it.


In this month mustard crop is ready for harvest, you can start cutting when the 75 percent of crop turns their color into brown. Dry the mustard for few days before thrashing.


Tomato: Spray 0.1 percent of topaz or calcine (400–500 ml / 1000 liters of water) in the standing crop to protect the crop outbreaks of boreholes. Also, Use the pheromone trap of methyl eugenol to control the fruit fly.
Potato: Dig the remaining potatoes and keep at safer places like cold stores.  

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Pumpkin crops:

For pump control in pumpkin-class crops, apply Yellow Sticky Traps with a dose of 20 to 25/ha. Spray 1% urea solution when the pumpkin and oily pumpkin flower. Monitor the crop from weed. Irrigate the crop as necessary as the temperature increases.

Fruit crops:

Fruit falling problem occurs at this time in mango. To avoid this spray naphthalene acetic acid @20 PPM.
Spray the micronutrients of zinc, copper, manganese, iron, and boron in mango, grape and guava orchards. If a termite outbreak appears on the trees, sprinkle 0.2 percent chlorpyrifos.


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