Monday 30 March 2020

Lockdown: Labour and Transport Problem for Farmers

Labor, Transport, Storage, Mandi Problem for Farmers during the lockdown


Potato farmers are suffering heavy losses due to unseasonal rains as well as a labor shortage. There is always good demand for potatoes during Navratri, but the potato is not able to come out of the fields, which farmers have to bear the brunt.

Potato Farmers Problem

Hi, Welcome to Vantika Tech. At this time the price of potato in Delhi is Rs 16 to 22 per kg but the whole potato has not been released from the field itself. 
Digging Potato
Last year, potato farmers were hit by prices, this time due to unseasonal rains, the Coronavirus is being killed. This is also affecting productivity as well as quality. It has rained about four to five times in the month of March itself. Potatoes had to be dug up in the current week, but due to the curfew with lockdown, the laborers were not getting it, it rained from above.

This time there was continuous rainfall in February and March, due to which the excavation was also delayed, and production also decreased. If the potato is not dug quickly and transported to the cold store, it will rot. Since the lockdown has occurred due to Coronavirus across the country, the labor has not been available. 

Workers are not working in the fields due to fear of coronavirus. Weather is falling apart from above. Due to heavy rains in the last 48 hours, the field has been flooded, due to which the farm will not be able to work for a week. There are no laborers for storing potatoes in cold stores, so this time farmers, as well as cold storage owners, are suffering.

Such a problem is being seen in all the states across the country, Punjab is the state which is said to be the best quality and maximum production of the potato crop, but it is also the same situation that all the farmers of potato farmers say that the problem of labor should come. It is neither the potatoes are being dug nor the potatoes are being stored, even after getting a good price

The farmers are not able to sell his crop due to such an epidemic. Farmers have to take the loss during the lockdown, not such type of problem is seen in potato there are some other crops that have the same problems. The harvesting of the wheat crop is starting from next week, grams and mustard harvesting are continuing. 

How long will this epidemic continue and what are other problems are faced by them and such upcoming problems in other crops, along with mustard harvesting is going on and the crop is not reaching in Mandis, in such a situation the farmers are unable to understand what they do or not.

Govt.  Step for Farmers

Thrashing of crop

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh announced on Friday that wheat harvesting in the state would start from mid-April as per the weather conditions, and also assured farmers to buy and timely payment. 

The Chief Minister, after reviewing the system of harvesting of potato and wheat crop, said that the harvesting of wheat is delayed due to the weather conditions and the harvesting of wheat is likely to begin in the state by 12-15 April. Amarinder Singh said that timely payment and procurement of wheat farmers have been ensured by the government, adding that proper arrangements for storage of potato crops are being made.

Meanwhile, the Punjab CM has directed the officers of the Punjab Horticulture Department, Punjab Agro Industries Corporation and Punjab Mandi Board to work in coordination with the officials of the respective districts so that farmers do not face any problem in harvesting and transporting the crop.

I think this type of steps is beneficial for the farmers otherwise we don't know how coronavirus will affect our country but if the farmers were hit by price and sale their crops, we will definitely hit our nation because we were aware that India is an agricultural country where more than 60 percent of people were depending on Agriculture.

Current Crops Status

Currently, mustard harvesting has started in states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. along with Rabi crops wheat, barley, gram, and lentils while barley and mustard harvesting have started in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. And the wheat crop is ready to ripen. Due to the unseasonal rains and hailstorms in the month of March in many states of Central India as well as North India, the crops have already suffered an economic loss.

Lockdown and Govt

There is a lockdown till April 14 all over India to avoid the havoc of the coronavirus and during this time people are not allowed to leave their homes, but the central government has decided to keep all the Mandis open due to the arrival of rabi crops. Procurement of cereals crop.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, all agencies, Mandis, and units by state governments involved in the purchase and sale of agricultural products will remain open. Farmers and agricultural laborers working in the field and custom hiring centers related to agricultural implements will remain open. Apart from this, there will be an exemption for transporting agricultural machinery from one state to another for harvesting and sowing crops.

This type of thinking for farmers by the govt makes us proud and I am happy to share this type of information with you to reach useful information to the farmers as soon as possible. Also, Fertilizer, pesticide and seed preparation companies and packaging units will continue. If you want to read more about this click on the above-highlighted button.

Please comment on any agriculture-related queries and topics. 


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