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Agriculture Kerala

 A Detail About Agriculture in Kerala

Agriculture Kerala
Agriculture Kerala 

The majority of the Kerala population directly or indirectly depends on agriculture for their livelihood
. The main crop of Kerala state is Paddy, Coconut, Pepper, Cashew, Cassava. If we see in plantation and the cash crops in Kerala are Coconuts, Rubber, Tea, Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom, Cashew, Areca nut, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves like, give the agriculture distinct flavor. 

Coconuts are the main source of income in agriculture. Around in India, 65-70%  of coconut is only provided by Kerala and the second most cash crop in Kerala is cashew. Also,
the crop converts raw cashew into the dried fruit, salted or plain. Cardamom is another cash crop after cashew in Kerala for Indian export. Alappuzha, one the district of Kerala known as the 'rice bowl' which has a predominant position in the production of rice.


Paddy Agriculture Kerala
In Kerala, the paddy is growing in the largest area among annual crops. The paddy is grown in Kerala in three seasons first in Autumn, Winter, and Summer. Paddy is planting in Karala mainly in Crop 1 April- May(Virripu), Crop 2 Sept-Oct(Mundakan), Crop 3 Dec -Jan(Puncha). There were multiple sowing of time as compared to northern India. It is due to natural rivers, good weather, and climate conditions. 

The Annual Production 2019-20 in Kerala, Autumn season 142946 Tons with 54693 ha, Winter 258577 Tonns 80172 Ha in 2019-20 by Govt. of Kerala.


Coconut Agriculture Kerala
Coconut Agriculture Kerala
The coconut palm is one of the most useful palms in the world. Every part of the coconut tree is useful for humans for some purposes. The coconut palm is also known as 'KJpawiksha'. India is the largest producer of coconut in the worldwide. Coconut is mostly grown in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh in India. Among them, Kerala is the leading state in the area under the cultivation of coconut and its production. 

The value addition of coconut is Coconut oil, Tender Coconut water, coconut jelly, coconut vinegar, coconut milk, coconut powder, coconut chips, and coconut snowball, etc are some value addition. Where it is grown in 7.8 lakh ha in Kerala. Kerala Produces 5388 million nuts every year. 


Rubber  Plant Agriculture Kerala
Kerala is the highest plantation of rubber state in India. Kerala accounts for more than 90 percent of the country’s total natural rubber production. Kottayam in Kerala is the leader in rubber production. Kerala this region is also known as ‘Land of latex’.Rubber is the main source of income for many farmers without any doubt. India is the fourth-largest producer of rubber in the world which is around 900000 Tons.


Cashew Agriculture Kerala
It is one of the few fruit crops normally grown from seed. The cashew industry in India is facing stiff competition from countries like Vietnam, Brazil, Mozambique, and Tanzania. At present status of Kerala state stands 6th position in the area where 5th position in production viz Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in India. There are around  800 registered cashew nut processing units in Kerala state. In Kerala, the domestic production is estimated as 83000 MT.


Banana  Agriculture Kerala
Banana fruit (Musa sp.) is the 2nd most important fruit crop in India after Mango. Banana is a varietal range, taste, the nutritive and medicinal value that makes it the most favorite fruit among all classes of people and year-round availability. It has also a good export potential in India.

A banana plant may live for more than 50 years. Banana is picked and exported green and ripened aboard refrigerated ships. The banana plant is destroyed after cropping.

Banana fruit is a common agricultural item for rural India. India can taste more different variety and the taste is different from Northern to Southern Region. A special variety is cultivated in the Kerala soil. It is a part of the Onam Sadya during the Onam festival in the month of September. It is cultivated in 28000 ha and the production is around 395000 MT.


Cassava Agriculture Kerala
In India, the cultivation of cassava plants (Manihot utilissima, family Euphorbiaceae) is mainly done in 13 states includes Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam, etc. Kerala is the second-largest producer followed by Tamil Nadu. It is grown mainly for starch containing root and a staple crop for rural areas.  The annual production of Cassava is 2637000 MT in 72000 Ha in Kerala.


Pepper Agriculture Kerala

Pepper is commonly cultivated as "homestead cultivation" growing in India and it is a secondary crop interspersed with several other crops. Pepper cultivation as a pure crop is rare. Kerala accounts for 96 percent of the total area under the crop in the country.

Among all spices, pepper important place with covering 217235 ha. Pepper is mostly grown as an intercrop with coconut, areca nut, and different fruit trees and in a hilly area with rubber and cashew.


Cardamon Agriculture Kerala
Cardamom (Elettaria cardamom Maton) is the Queen of Spices in the international spices market and India is home to cardamom. India is the main exporter of Cardamon. Cardamom total area is estimated as 81,113 ha. It is mainly used for flavoring various food preparations and medicinal purposes. Cardamom pseophytic plant growing under shade in evergreen forests. Cardamom propagated through seeds, suckers, and tissue culture plantlets. 

These are few crops mostly cultivated in Kerala. Other than this Kerala produces Tea, Coffee, Mango, Vanilla, Chilli, Clove, Ginger, Cherry, Jackfruit, Flora, and Fauna. So this is about Agriculture farming in Kerala.

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