Thursday 26 March 2020

Sugar Industry Information: lockdown

Sugar Industry News 

sugar mill lockdown
Sugar Transport
Coronavirus knocked the many industries in those of them one is the sugar industry. Sugar Industry is known in different ways like farmers in a worrisome scenario withstanding crop, lack of demand, piling sugar stocks, financial pressure on sugar mills, stoppage in trades and transportation of sugar stocks. Stakeholders are facing during the country lockdown, the issue of slowdown
on transportation. Every sugar trader or supplier association should get in touch with their respective District Supply Officer where they would be issued an Identity Card that would allow them to carry their trade and supply activities smoothly.

Sugar Industry and coronavirus 

The standing sugarcane crop of farmers must be crushed by millers and we are in talks with the Indian Government to take steps ensuring that farmers have not agonized. Considering the lockdown announced, the transportation of sugar will also remain to be functional and will rescue the sugar industry from being more affected during these tough times that have been witnessed because of coronavirus pandemic.

Sugar Millar Sell Stock

This has certainly given a relief to sugar millers across the country to sell their sugar stocks. This measure has prevented the sugar millers from facing financial pressure and undercuts or selling below the Minimum Selling Price of sugar. In the next coming days, the industry will surely witness fresh buying owing to the natural summer demand.

Sugar Industry and Lockdown 

The coronavirus which had first recorded at China’s Wuhan city in December 2019 and has now spread to more than 180 countries in the world. India is also one of the affected countries from the Coronavirus. To control the spread of virus infections central government as well as state govt is leaving no stone unturned and working hard for it. As a preventive measure, the whole country is a lockdown, which has also impacted the sugar mills' functioning. The lockdown has affected the supply of essential raw materials to the sugar mills, which is used to produce the sugar. If the situation continues, then sugar mills even have to stop the operations.

Sugar Industry Raw Material and Manufacturing

Sugar Production
Sugar manufacturing
Most of the raw materials come from other states which have been halted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This has affected the mills functioning.

The measures to be taken for containment of Coronavirus pandemic in the country mentioned that industrial establishments would remain closed that reads Manufacturing of essential commodities and transportation of essential goods will be exempted.

Sugar Industry and Farmer

This is the main season of sugarcane sowing in the entire country as well as harvesting season of sugarcane. Not only it affects the sugar industry it also affects the sugar farmers. As in previous days, we have seen the sugar prices are also decreased and the virus also decrease the demand for sugar and farmers worried about the sale of their sugar to sugar mills. If we discuss the only Uttar Pradesh there is 27.94 lakh ha and the production is 80 tons per ha.

The entire country's citizen situation is very critical due to coronavirus. I just suggest you to please 'Stay Home and Be Safe'. 


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