Sunday 29 March 2020

Lockdown India: Govt notification for farmers

Lockdown relief for farmers and Poor worker, and other People 

farmers relief corona India
The PM Narendra Modi government is doing everything possible to ensure that people do not have any problem amid the lockdown implemented in the country due to Coronavirus. While giving relief to the farmer during the lockdown,
the government has allowed farm related works. For this, shops and purchasing agencies of fertilizers have also been given an exemption, so that farmers can cultivate during the lockdown in the country due to coronavirus.

As we know that there are many different problems in all sectors and govt are reducing one by one and try to save the citizens of our country. As you that the major problem in the country is a coronavirus and there is 21 days lockdown that is around April 15th, 2020.

Coronavirus cases outlook

As of now the coronavirus cases globally are more than 6 lakh and the USA has crossed the china i.e 116448 and in China 81394 where Italy has 92472 and the total recover people in global is 139000 and 30299 death till now last updated 12:30 Am 28th March. If we see in India there are 933 and 84 are recovered whereas 19 deaths due to coronavirus. Coronavirus cases in India, Maharashtra has 180, Kerala 176, Telanagana 56, Karnatka 55, Uttar Pradesh 55,  Rajasthan 54, Gujarat 45, Tamilnadu 40, Delhi 39, Punjab 38, Haryana 33, Madhya Pradesh 30, Jammu & Kashmir 20, West Bengal 15, and remaining in other states.

Worker, Poor People Problem during Lockdown 

Like the day before yesterday the State govt has also take precaution for the people who were going home via a walk to facilitate the bus for them but yesterday evening the number of people were increased and get together at Aannand Vihar ISBT  Delhi in thousands of number and they said they did not have the job, money and took food since last 3-4 days and they want to go home at the time of lockdown. Also said they did not know they will be infected and die by coronavirus but if they stay here without food they will definitely die, so we are going home. If the govt will provide them bus or any facility they will be thankful. Most of the people are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and they were ready to walk more than 500 Km.

Farmers Notification in Lockdown

But the govt has announced good news for the farmers the government has given permission for the transportation of agricultural work and agricultural machinery. Instructions in this regard have been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday, according to which the government has given relaxation in lockdown to manufacturing and packaging units of agricultural workers, fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds. It states that farmers and laborers will be able to work in the field with agricultural implements. Also, the sale of pesticides, seeds, and fertilizers will continue.  Please see the official notification of the govt 40-3/2020 DM I (A) Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India.

It is just other things for urban and local people of India and this announcement is for farmers' relief. During the lockdown, only essential goods and services were opened and now this is recently announced the govt. 

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