Monday 23 March 2020

Coronavirus impact on Countries

Coronavirus Updates and its impact on agriculture crop prices

India- Government of India has suspended all trains(13000 passengers),9000 flight and metro trains till 31 March 2020. A high-level meeting convened by cabinet secretary Yesterday with chief secretaries of states. Till now Lockdown ordered for 75 districts in India lets see what will happens in the coming days. 
Mother Dairy taking steps to ensure the supply of milk without a problem during a lockdown situation.

coronavirus update
coronavirus update

Coronavirus worldwide Update

Coronavirus Worldwide, over 307000 people have been found positive till now,
Like China, India other country tries to take deep for closing their states. According to The Modesto Bee, virus rebels from France to Florida flout lockdown practices. The current status of coronavirus cases in China dropped to zero several days in a row. French farmers' markets where people congregate to shop for food could also be a social challenge to remain them apart from each other a minimum of two meters in conjunction with neglected urban housing projects where distrust and disobedience of authorities monitor deeply. Currently, France has more than 100000 security personnel on the streets which are issuing fines amid a replacement national “Stay Home” mantra and warnings by officials that the country's 2-week lockdown, also it's getting to be extended if the country's infection rate keeps rising. France on Yesterday had nearly 15,000 infections. In Greece, Prime Minister Kyriakos tried to convince citizens to say home, warning citizens that future virus prevention measures depend "on our behavior.”


The agricultural economy is facing bumpy track due to poor governance, climate change impacts, lack of modern technologies, small land holdings and lack of access to the formal financial sector that has squeezed the agriculture sector. Now another threat is approaching, i.e. Coronavirus in Pakistan.

This situation will affect the production of milk, meat, and vegetables for daily usages products. Food processing may also be disturbed due to the unavailability of manpower and logistical blockade which will cause another cut in the farm income.

Coronavirus Impact on Agriculture Market

Coronavirus Impact
coronavirus impact

Due to the Coronavirus in India, food, and beverage purchases have started taking place, due to which prices of pulses, edible oil, flour, potatoes, onions, etc. have increased. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the prices of potatoes in the retail market rose to Rs 30 per kg and onions to Rs 40 per kg on Saturday, while on March 17, their prices were Rs 25 and Rs 30 per kg respectively. During this period, flour became expensive by one rupee, while the prices of pulses remained stable.

Prices of potato, onion, and peas have gone up in India. Due to fear of Coronavirus, the common man, who was buying vegetables for the first two-three days, is buying vegetables for the week. Potato prices in the market rose from Rs 1,100 to Rs 1,200 per 50 kg, compared to Rs 6,00 to Rs 700 per kg last week. Similarly, the price of onion increased from Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,300 per 40 kg, whereas earlier it was priced at Rs 800 to 850 per 40 kg. Prices of peas increased from Rs 15-20 per kg in Mandi to Rs 30 to 35 per kg on Saturday. He informed that there is sufficient arrival of potato, onion as well as other vegetables in the market.

Pulses prices rise

Narela Mandi India - In the last three-four days, wholesale prices of pulses have gone up by Rs 200 to 500 per quintal. On March 16, the wholesale price of peas in Kanpur Mandi was Rs 4,250 per kg, which rose to Rs 4,475 per kg. The price of lentils in Indore mandi was Rs 4,100 per quintal on March 16, which rose to Rs 4,600 per quintal. The rate of arhar in Delhi mandi increased from Rs 5,350 to Rs 5,400 per quintal. In the current week, its prices have increased by Rs 400.

Edible oils prices in India

Naya Bazar - Domestic demand in edible oils has increased, leading to a rise in prices of mustard oil and soya refined oil by Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 per kg. However, demand in edible oils is weak due to coronavirus in the world market, due to which their prices remain stable.

Food stocks in the central pool

According to the Food Corporation of India (FCI), there is a stock of 584.97 lakh tonnes of food grains in the central pool on March 1, which is higher than the prescribed buffer. According to the set standards, there should be a stock of 160.40 lakh tonnes of food grains in the central pool on 1st April, if the reserve is added to 50 lakh tonnes, the total food grains stock should be 210.40 lakh tonnes.

FAO Inflation in the World

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) raised panic prices and fears of global inflation from panic buying in many countries amid the threat of lock-down. According to the FAO, there is no shortage of food grains and oilseeds in the world, but in many areas, there is a danger of rising prices due to panic buying. Also, their supply is likely to be affected by the lockdown.


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