Monday 9 March 2020

Registration begins for wheat procurement

Registration begins for government procurement of wheat, farmers got the benefit from here

Registration begins for government procurement of wheat

Wheat is an important crop for the rabi season. Every farmer wants to sell his crop directly to the govt for the best price and without any problem. In India now State govt made a portal to buy the crops directly from farmers. Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat in India. 

Uttar Pradesh Govt will buy the wheat for procurement. Uttar Pradesh Farmers can register for wheat. Registration for the government procurement of wheat in Uttar Pradesh has started on March 6, 2020. The state government will purchase wheat from April 1 to June 15 at the minimum support price (MSP). The farmers who want to sell wheat at the government price, it is necessary to register them. The Center has fixed the MSP of wheat procurement for the year 2020-21 at Rs 1935 per quintal. Farmers can sell their wheat by registration on a given website link. 

You can register here

Every state has its own portal. This portal is of Uttar Pradesh Govt.  Farmers will have to register online on the Food Department's portal to sell wheat. Farmers can register on this portal through public utility center, cyber cafe, or by themselves. This year, the state government has made arrangements for OTP based registration. In this, the farmers will also have to provide their mobile number.

If More than 100 quintals of wheat then some rules have to be followed

If a farmer has more than 100 quintals of wheat for sale, then it has to be verified online by the Sub-Collector (SDM) before selling it. While registering, the farmers will have to fill their Aadhaar number, their name mentioned in the Aadhaar card correctly.

Also, tell us whether you are a woman or a man. It is not necessary to register the farmers who had registered in the previous season. In case of any problem, you can use toll-free number 1800-1800-150.

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