Friday 20 March 2020

coronavirus Janata Curfew

Coronavirus: PM calls Janata Curfew

coronavirus Janata Curfew
coronavirus Janata Curfew

PM Modi asks people to Follow 'Janata Curfew' this Sunday, March 2020

PM Modi has appealed today to citizens to observe a Janata Curfew on coming Sunday which is on 22nd March 2020 for a test run social distancing over the next few days to fight against coronavirus spreading. Also, a part of the self curfew for staying home from 7 am to 9 Pm.

PM Modi caution people of India against hoarding and panic buying assuring that there would be no shortage of essential like food, medicines, and milk, etc. And all the citizens will not go outside or leave their homes that day.

In the evening at 5 pm standing our balconies or doors for 2-5 and maintaining service proud by ringing bells and clapping. 

Coronavirus has endangered humanity. By the coronavirus, many nations were has affected more than a world war. There is no solution to this and we have to stay healthy. 

Also requested nine requests by PM Modi to India Against Coronavirus 

  1. All Indian citizens remain alert and aware, Do not sleep out unless absolutely necessary 
  2. More than 60-65 years old please stay inside their homes
  3. Follow our Janta Curfew on 22nd march From 7am to 9pm 
  4.  Thanks to the service provider by Clapping
  5.  Avoid hospital for route checkup and postpone surgeries
  6. To ask the finance minister to take all necessary actions under economic response
  7. Appeal to business for not to cut salaries 
  8. Indian citizens hoarding, panic buying
  9. Do not believe in rumors  

Coronavirus affects  Agriculture

If we see the coronavirus impact on agriculture. By the coronavirus, the agriculture commodity prices also affected the vegetables, grapes, poultry and sugar prices fall by 15-20 percent of bulk demand and no uncertainty over Indian export. but there is no shortage of fruit, grain and pulses are observed in the market till now.

If the Janta Curfew by PM Modi works on coronavirus and its impacts will stop then the nation's citizens and their work will start soon otherwise it will decrease the production, demand, and export of agriculture goods and services. Most of the agricultural and other company has reduced their work or stopped due to this. From a few last days, we have seen the nation has to face a loss in different sectors including agriculture, railway, transport, textile which is the main source of income to the nation and then the IT sector.

Most of the work of salaried people can do from home but if we talk about the agriculture sector it is more difficult for a farmer, labor, and trader to do his work from home or on phone for his family. Let us see what will happen after a few days and support the nation to control this. We have to stay safe and healthy for proving that we can do for our people and our nation

Reason Behind Janata Curfew 

One day curfew Benefit. You will be surprised to know the beautiful reason behind this. We have read about the corona it survives around 9-12 hours and the time of Janata Curfew is morning 7am to 9pm. That means 14 hours of the day and the remaining night hours till the next morning. All the citizens of the nation will remain inside the home so the virus contact will not survive and it will be lost and the social transmission risk reduces, what a beautiful mind behind this I will definitely support the Janata Curfew and you should support for your family and for our nation.   
I support Janata Curfew
I support Janata Curfew

Healthy Mantra by PM Modi "If we healthy then the world healthy".

Are you in the favor of Janata Curfew's comment below? Yes/No.


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