Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sugar Production Decline by 24 percent and Maharashtra Production become half

In the first four months of the current crushing season 2019-20, the production has reduced by 23.96 percent to 141.12 lakh tonnes across the country due to heavy losses due to unseasonal rains, floods, and drought in Maharashtra, a major sugar-producing state. 185.59 lakh tonnes had been produced in the same period of the season.

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (AISMA), currently crushing is going on in 446 sugar mills all over the country as compared to 520 mills last year. In Maharashtra, only 146 sugar mills were crushing, while three of these sugar mills have stopped crushing due to no sugarcane. Sugar production in Maharashtra has been 34.64 lakh tonnes in the current crushing season till January 31, while in the last crushing season, the state had produced 70.99 lakh tonnes of sugar by this time.

Sugar production is higher in Uttar Pradesh, less in Karnataka

In the current crushing season in Uttar Pradesh, sugar production has been 54.96 lakh tonnes from October 1, 2019, to January 31, 2020, while the state produced 52.86 lakh tonnes of sugar till this time last year. In the current crushing season in Karnataka, the production of sugar till January 31, 2020, is only 27.94 lakh tonnes as against 33.76 lakh tonnes of sugar in the last crushing season. Crushing is going on in only 63 sugar mills in the state, whereas in last year, 66 mills were crushing.

Production in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat also decreased

Sugar production in the current crushing season in Tamil Nadu has come down to 2.05 lakh tonnes as against 2.86 lakh tonnes in the same period last year. In the current crushing season in Gujarat, only 4.87 lakh tonnes of sugar has been consumed till 31 January 2020, which is less than 6.66 lakh tonnes in the same period last year. In other states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 2.34 lakh tonnes of sugar have been produced in Bihar, 4.21 lakh tonnes in Uttarakhand, 1.94 lakh tonnes in Uttarakhand, 3 lakh tonnes in Punjab, 2.80 lakh tonnes in Haryana and 2.26 lakh tonnes in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Sugar production estimated to decrease by 70 million tonnes

According to ISMA, the production of sugar in the current crushing season is estimated to be only 260 lakh tonnes, which is 7 million tonnes less than the crushing season. In the previous crushing season 2018-19, about 330 lakh tonnes of sugar were produced. Sugar consumption in the last crushing season was around 255 lakh tonnes, while in the current crushing season the annual consumption is expected to increase to 260 million tonnes.

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