Thursday 20 February 2020

Protect Your Tomato From Leaf Curl Virus

Tomato Leaf Curl Virus

In India Tomato is one of the major growing vegetables, because the profit by this vegetable is more as compared to other vegetables and the cost is low. As we have seen from years due to leaf curl virus in tomato can damage from 17% to 76% plants. Resulted in low production and damage to the fruit.
Leaf Curl Virus Tomato
Leaf Curl Tomato Symptom

Symptoms of Damage Leaf Curl

This may affect on younger plants and old plants. In younger plants, they affect by reducing internodes and become the plant stunted appearance. Due to this new leaves greatly reduce the size and wrinkled, yellow between the veins. The leaves upward and make a cup-like shape and flowers of the plant drop before the fruitset. The first appearance of the virus on upper leaves they turn their color from green to yellow, after that, all symptoms of the virus will appear.

Favorable condition or factors behind the leaf curl

  • Whitefly is the main vector for transforming the leaf curl virus.
  • High winds at the time of low humidity is also a factor of Leaf curl.
  • Another factor is physiological in this when a plant's growth response to environmental condition and requirement of nutrients, water and did not implant by the farmer on time or leaves demand for water and nutrient and root did not enough growth or unable to supply.

Management/ Control 

  • We can use the yellow sticky traps for whitefly @ 12/ha.
  • We can also raise barrier crops-cereals around the tomato field.
  • Remove the weed host, greenhouse or protected nursery that can be used to control or manage the virus.
  • We can control them by chemical methods like spray Imidachloprid or Dimethoate at the 15, 25, 45 days after transplanting.

Bonus Tip

In Imidachloprid- Vector or Super vector(Indiainsecticides),Confidor(Bayer),Tatamida(TATA), Shriram mida(Shriram).

Dimethoate- Rogor(GPPL), Tafgor(Tata)

I hope you aware of leaf curl in tomato. If you have any queries about any crop please feel free to comment.

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