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Agriculture work to be carried out by the farmer in the month of February

Agriculture work to be done by the farmer in the month of February- Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, and Fruit Crops


We know that in India during the rabi season our main focus is on wheat crop. So we are discussing it first.
During the month of Feb. the temperature is rising up so we have to monitor the wheat crop because this month is very important for the wheat crops. During this month major problem faced by the farmer is rust. The rust may be yellow, brown, black or stem rust. Due to this rust, a powder will appear on the leaf of wheat crop. These are of many types we can control it by spraying of Propiconazole, Zineb, and Mancozeb.
Irrigate the crop at the interval of 25-30 days and Put 50 kg of urea per acre for better growth. Farmers can also put the NPK 19:19 or 20:20 at the place of Urea. If the growth of wheat is not good then farmers can apply Ferrous Sulphate 500g-1 kg Per Acre for better output in Production.

During this month weed problem is also faced by the farmer in wheat crop major grew weed is wild oat and Phalaris minor. Farmers can control this weed by different chemicals. You can See the weeds types and their control measure by the given link below:
Weed Management



In Mustard, this time is to pods formation and grain filling stage. Light irrigation should be applied in the mustard crop.

During this month major problems can be seen in mustard is whitefly, aphid, and Rust. Farmers can control it by spraying of Diamethoate 30EC( Ragor).
When the crop turns their color is around 75 is brown then farmers can start the harvesting of mustard. After the harvest dry it for a few days after that get to gather a place.


The farmers can start the planting of sugarcane.
Harvest of the matured crop.


Do not irrigate the Gram if it is in heavy soil.
In pulses pod borer and caterpillar can attack can be controlled by Emamectin benzoate 5% SG 90-100g/acre and farmers can also set up light traps. Set pheromone traps to reduce gram pod borer incidence.

Gram pod borer is called an American bollworm. The borer feeds on leaves, flower buds, flowers and pods of pulses. They bore round holes on pods of the crop. The larva can feed with the head alone thrust inside and the rest of the body hang out of the pods.


Okra can be sown in the month of Feb. Farmers can sow the latest variety of okra- Shitla Jayoti, Uphar, Kashi Satdhari, Kashi Vibhuti, Kashi Mangali are the latest variety of okra by ICAR. Pusa A4 is sown in Feb.

After the sowing of okra to protect from aphids, jassids and whitefly spray 1.5 ml of Monocrotophos/liter or ml imidacloprid in 10 liters of water after 8-10 days.
During this month farmers can also sow the Bitter Gourd(करेला ), Bottle gourd(लोकी ), Cucumber(खीरा) and Sponge (तोरी).

Potato- Start digging the tuber potatoes and send the seed medium size to cold storage.

Tomato- Transplant the seedlings and apply the nutrient( urea 50kg/h) transplanted in Jan.

Pea- Spray Karathene for Powdery Mildew and remove the weeds. If the crop is mature then harvest.

Brinjal- Transplant the seedlings and apply NPK.

Onion/Garlic- Provide light irrigation if required. Farmers should do hoeing and weeding. After this apply 50 kg urea in the crop.


Guava: Can start pruning after harvesting.
Mango: Pest and disease may occur over mango crop please monitor if hopper has seen spray carbaryl 2g/l.

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