Wednesday 26 February 2020

Mustard, Guar, cotton and coriander Prices in Future

Market Prices Fall
Market Analysis

In India, the prices of spices and oilseed crops are going down due week demand in the market. By this article we read about the market analysis of demand and prices of different crops includes oilseed and spices.

On this Tuesday 25 Feb 2020 market analysis the coriander prices were fell by  Rs160 to 5580 per quintal it is happening due to week demand at the market spot. Similarly in spice price is also traded lower by more than Rs 200 to Rs 5900 per quintal. Market Analyst said that this is happening to decline in coriander prices.

In Guar gum prices eased by Rs 2 to 6336 per 5 quintals for the future market. In Guar seed prices rose by Rs. 25 to 3720 per 10 quintals in futures trade. According to the market, a firm trend is spot market on thin supply from growing belt mainly for guar to rise the seed price.

In cotton oilseed cake prices traded up by Rs 20 to 1630 per quintal for future trade. The market player said that this is for raising demand from cattle feed makers.

In Mustard, seed price rose by Rs 11 to Rs 4038 per quintal in futures trade for raise belt limited supply.

Soya oil mainly in refinds prices rose 0.05 percent to Rs 803 per ten kg in futures trade. Soybean prices rose by Rs 2 to Rs 3862 per quintal in the futures market.

Market players and marketmen said it is raising to back of higher demand mainly led to raising the prices of mustard, soybean oil, soybean seed, cotton soil, and guar gum.

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