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Agriculture Vegetable Production Turns in India?

Agriculture Vegetable Production Turns in India

We know that India comes in the highest producing country in cereals, pulses, milk, jute and in many more things but when it comes to vegetable production only ginger and okra comes to largest where potato, onions, cauliflower and many more vegetables we were some step farm from the top.
Top Vegetables State India
Indian Vegetable's 
Most of the countries in the world were consuming non-vegetarian food for their balanced diet. we know that nutrition is very important for humans to survive. As other things are important for the diet, vegetables are also important for us. They are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber, potassium, iron is beneficial for our health.

let's discuss the top vegetable producing states of vegetables in India-

1. West Bengal

West Bengal is located in eastern India on the Bay of Bengal and it is the fourth most populous state. It is the second-largest state in the production of potatoes. It has 20 districts and therefore the beautiful capital of West Bengal is Kolkata. It is the top producing vegetable state in 2017 but in 2017-18 it comes to the second position turned by UP. According to state horticulture department 2019-20 data it now comes at the top followed by Uttar Pradesh. Some of the vegetables produced include potato, sweet potato, onion, cabbage, peas, cauliflower. Most producing vegetable is potato. The total vegetable productivity during this state is around 29500 MT annually which is 15.5 percent of the country.

2. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is that the most populous state in India and it's abbreviated as UP. The state has 75 districts and the area and population of this state are quite large as compare to other states. Uttar Pradesh produces 14.6 percent of total India's vegetable production. The vegetables produced by the state are potato, cabbage, brinjal, okra, cauliflower, sweet potato, onion, peas among the other vegetables. In this state High producing vegetables is potato. The total vegetable production during this state is around 25000 metric tonnes per annum.

3. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is located in central India. It is one of the largest states of India with 55 districts and the capital is the cleanest city of India named Indore. As some years ago Madhya Pradesh followed by Bihar in Vegetable production.  The vegetables produced in this state are onion, sweet potato, okra, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal, tomato, potato, and others. The 21% of the vegetable produced is onion making it a major crop. The vegetable production by this state is 9.6 of the county.

4. Bihar 

Bihar state located in the eastern part of India. The state contains 38 districts and the capital of Bihar is famous for Aryabhatta, Chanakya is from their names as Patna. Vegetables are produced in this state are Sweet potato, peas, cabbage, okra, onion, tomato, cauliflower, brinjal, potato, and others. Potato is the major vegetable produced in this state as it occupies 41% in the production of vegetables. The total production of vegetables in this state is 9 percent of the country.


Gujarat is a state situated in the western part of India with 33 districts. The state capital is very famous for handcraft, a unique fabric named Gandhinagar. In this state Cauliflower, onion, cabbage, okra, tomato, brinjal, tomato, and other vegetables are produced. Potato highest in production as compared to other vegetables and covers 24% of production. The total production of vegetables in this state is 6.4 percent of the country.

So, these are the most producing vegetable states of India other than this Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Tamilnadu. These states contribute less than shown upper states. And the remaining all states contribute a total of less than 20 present of the country.

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