Wednesday 1 April 2020

USA against coronavirus NO CROWD, NO FOOD

The USA and its farmers  against coronavirus

USA Farmer Market

The world has been put in a crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic, which is being seen mostly in the US, but it is about to end in China. Due to Corona, it is now being seen by the farmers of America, which is a very influential country. Because it has led to a drop in prices of all types of businesses as well as crops, vegetables, and livestock, and labor shortages on farms are also a worrying issue. Farmer trade groups are lobbying the Trump administration to allow farmers to decline in value Financial assistance can be provided. 

Also, a timely visa will be granted for seasonal workers in Mexico who will take crops on American farms this year. Farmers say that we were expecting some good trade and a good harvest in the current year, but this virus has closed all our markets. Due to which we have started seeing the damage and do not know how long this will last.

U.S. coronavirus Fund

Hi, Welcome to Vantika Tech. Such an epidemic reflects a US Coronavirus incentive bill passed by the House and Senate that adds $ 14 billion to the Department of Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corp (CCC) spending authority. It makes another provision of $ 9.5 billion for farmers hurt by the Corona epidemic, speculating that local and regional food systems could lose up to $ 1.3 billion between March and May this year.

Including $ 15.5 billion for the Supplemental Nutrition Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the total USDA tab in the bill is approximately $ 50 billion, including funding for food programs, child nutrition programs. Which will be used at the discretion of Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue in the funding department, and has been told that it will be in small quantities for items such as rural broadband and food pantries.

NPPC on World Pork Expo

The board of directors of the National Pork Producers Council has decided to cancel the 2020 World Pork Expo to be held in June due to human health concerns due to the epidemic. In 2019, it was canceled the World Pork Expo in China and other parts of Asia due to African boar fever, which is the largest food aid program in the country.

Farmers Views

Farmers in the US find a way to spring in winter, farmers in the USA are working for growing days as well as the growing season and are hiring workers, buying materials and taking orders. But while measures to curb COVID-19 and the coronavirus epidemic may derail some of those efforts, farmers growing strawberries are likely to be affected for various reasons. 

California Farmers

California strawberry growers America is a good producer, with not much confidence in the number of outside laborers, but workers are generally advised more closely to prevent and protect the spread of the virus. Strawberries, however, need to be picked up by just one to two main narrow windows and at most three days more quickly, with some of this type of work being done in the berries and slowing down the process of selecting vacant workers, which can cause fields It is being estimated that the fruit rot and more damage can be seen to the farmers

This situation is also in the berries, and can also slow down the harvest process further as workers stop to remove the old fruit so that rotting berries do not spread. Such a slowdown would reduce the amount of fruit raised per hour, which was paid for by the workers and could harm the farmer's profits

Some fruits and organic produce are grown on small scale farms by small farmers usually requiring more labor. All of those fruits, vegetables, are also often sold in restaurants and farmers' markets, many of which are now largely closed due to coronavirus or reduced at the rate of on virus nationwide, rather than directly at grocery stores But those who are still working.

Even if all these farmers are able to continue working, they can have limited space to sell their goods and earn profits.

Corn Farmers U.S 

Nothing but corn farmers are particularly difficult situations. The combination of low oil prices and a sudden decrease in driving across the country have cut ethanol demand. Corn is a primary input in ethanol production. Farmers who depend on direct access to customers. The North Carolina farmer of wheat and soybeans has lost the ability to sell his produce effectively, saying he trusts the Trump administration to protect American farmers

Farmland Trust

It is being told that the American Farmland Trust is starting a new farmer relief fund to directly support farmers affected by the current coronavirus crisis.

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