Thursday 30 April 2020

Whitefly inTomato

Tomato is a very important vegetable at every time. So today we are going to read on Whitefly in Tomato. 

About Whitefly

There are many species of whitefly. The life cycle of most common whitefly species takes 20 to 30 days. The female lays her eggs on the lower side of leaves, which hatch after around 2 days. Both nymphs and adults cause direct damage to leaf by sucking sap from the lower side of a plant leaf. Whiteflies also excrete or produce excess liquid as drops of honeydew which allows sooty mold to grow and reduces the photosynthetic capacity of the leaf as well as plants.

Symptoms of Damage 

On the leaf of plant or leaves shows Chlorotic spots
Yellowing of leaf and plant also can be whitefly
In tomato Downward curling and drying of leaves is one main identification of whitefly attack


  • It can be controlled by using sticky traps
  • Use Resistance variety of Sucking pests.
  • Farmers should avoid excessive amounts of water and nutrient like urea.
  • It can re reduce by planting coriander and fenugreek at border rows.
  • It can be control by chemical spray like Confidor, 5ml/10 litres water) or thiamethoxam (e.g.  Actarar, 5g/10 litres water),or Dimethoate 30 % EC 1.0  ml/litre Malathion 50 % EC 1.5 ml/ litre or Oxydemeton –Methyl 25 % EC 1.0 ml/ litre or Also Thiamethoxam 25 % WG 4.0  ml/10 litre have an effective control.

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