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Agriculture Crop Calendar April

Agriculture Work To be done in the month of April

Wheat / Barley

Farmers can harvest wheat and barley in this month. But be insure that your crop is ready to harvest and moisture is not more than 10 percent, before harvesting the crop remove the weeds so that the earrings of other species in the crop were not mixed. And dry the crop well before storage.

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Gram / Mustard / Lentil

Complete the harvesting of crops like gram, peas, mustard, and lentils.

 Autumn / Spring Sugarcane

Irrigate the sugarcane crop as needed. Mung or urad can be sown between two rows of sugarcane. If the sugarcane was sown in September-October to avoid outbreaks of termites, bugs, black caterpillar and Pyrilla spray 500ml Diflubenzuron/bendiocarb dissolved in 500 liters of water. Sugarcane planted in February put 1/3 part of the second split of nitrogen which is 1 bag of urea in April. Fill the vacant areas in the sugarcane field with buds or nursery plants. 


In the high mountain area, sowing it till the first week on month and where sunflower has already been sown in it, sucking pest insect can attack overcrop and harm it. To control these, spray 250 ml of phosphamidon per hectare.

Urd / Moong

Farmers can also sow mung till the first week. Irrigate the crop at intervals of 10 days and prevent pest damaging pest in Urd / Moong crop. 

Fodder crop

Irrigate the berseem for getting a long time green fodder.


Cucumber, watermelon, gourd, pumpkin, tomato, brinjal, round gourd, and ladyfinger - If green aphids appear on their standing crops, break the fruit and spray a solution of 0.1% Malathion 50 EC on the crop. If you get curl disease, Geneva is dissolved in 2 grams per liter of water. For stem and pod borer spray Diflubenzuron/bendiocarb 2 ml dissolved in 1 liter of water. 

In brinjal to control the leaf borer spraying of Neemgiri 4% at a 10-day interval. Garlic and onion can be dug up and do not irrigate before 10-12 days of digging. 

Sowing of suran can be done this month whereas, ginger and turmeric should be sown from the second fortnight of the month. The seed is required for sowing about 18 quintals for ginger, 15-20 quintals for turmeric and 75 quintals needed for suran for one ha. Before sowing, seed treatment of turmeric and ginger with 0.3% copper oxychloride solution. In vegetables, farmers can use the pheromone trap for pest control.



Lemon- In April to control lemon sill, leap minor and whitefly, spray 300 ml Malathion 50 EC in 500 liters of water. In new-planted grapes, Apply 150 grams of urea and 250 grams of potassium sulfate per vine. Multiply the number of old vines by age. Mango- Spray 500 ML of Malathion with 100 liters of water on 100 vines for prevention from green aphids, leaf wrap, and leaf-eating beetles. Spray Alpha naphthalene acetic acid 4.5 SL @20 ml/l to protect or prevent mango fruits from falling or solution of 2% urea. Do not irrigate Guava in the month of April, break the flowers so that the fruit flies are not able to lay eggs in the flowers due to which the fruits rot problems do not occur. Only the autumn crop of guava should be taken. Irrigate litchi orchards, and monitor to prevent from fruit borer. You can prepare papaya nursery and irrigate mango, guava, lemon, grape, plum, and papaya during this month.


Bonus tip

Farmers who have less land must follow crop cycles for their fields so that they can sell seeds, vegetables, and crops in the right market at the right price on time. Correct use of fertilizers, prevention of diseases and pests, and especially growing of pulses crops also helps in soil health and along with that, make sure to test your soil sample so that you know which amount of elements is needed to your soil and increase your  soil fertility.

 You can do the crop cycle like this -

Green manure (Dhaincha / Gobhiya / Moong) - Maize / Paddy-wheat. Maize / Paddy-Potato-Wheat.

Maize / Paddy-Potato - Summer Moong /. Paddy-Potato / Toria-Sunflower.

Summer groundnut - potato / rapeseed / peas / sorghum - wheat. Apart from this, vegetables and flowers can also be grown in the crop cycle.

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