Sunday 26 April 2020

Agriculture Ministry Increase Production

Agriculture Ministry set a target of 149.92 Million Tonns production and promote oilseed and pulses crop production

According to Agriculture Ministry, the area of rice sown is increased by 37.70 percent to 34.73 lakh ha during this Kharif season 2020-21. This area is 25.22 lakh hectare during last year and the same season.

Agriculture Ministry
Production Target

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Rice is the main Kharif crop besides maize, bajra, black gram, groundnut, green gram, and sesame in the category of food grain. Also, we had written a post on the India meteorology department has released a forecast on southwest monsoon for this year. 

Agriculture ministry advised promoting direct seed rice to the field at the place of planting to reduce the labor cast during a lockdown situation. And also asked states to promote hybrid seed.

In the current scenario, 8 percent of farmers use this farming method in Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh states of India. The government is estimating to achieve the target of 102.6 million tonnes of rice production in the current 2020-21 in the Kharif season till June- July. 

Also, the pulses sown area is increased 5.07 lakh hectare from 3.82 lakh hectare in Kharif season in the year 2019-20. In pulses, they advised promoting intercropping of pulses because India is the largest producer and consumer of pulses and the intercropping of pulses with sugarcane, cotton, maize, and oilseed crops. And in the cultivation of tur or arhar without fertilizers and weed management and use bunds for cultivation.  

If we discuss the cereals area is also increases according to agriculture ministry which is 8.55 lakh ha from 5.47 lakh ha whereas oilseed is 8.73 lakh ha from 6.80 lakh ha. 

The agriculture ministry has asked to provide priority to oilseeds and wants to promote the improved variety of soybean, groundnut, sesame, and sunflower seeds.

During the lockdown situation in India Govt release an advisory for farmers to keep the mask and maintain social distancing during the mandi, working in the field and travel from one place to another for agriculture work. The government is expected and set a food grain production target for this year 149.92 million tonnes. 

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  1. Forecast if rice area thus Karim us a day dream. In north India, this us the time when farmers secure seeds and ithervunputd to start showing by mid May. Currently, due to Lockown no seed can be transported. If this hurdle is not removed within next 10 days, Rice area will be reduced by 50%. Let the Ministers of Agriculture in centre and states take immediate action to rectify this.


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