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Organic Farmyard Manure

Manures are the organic matter derived from animals feed, humans, and plant residues that contain plant nutrients in composite organic forms. The manure could also be in several forms like Farmyard manure, Sheep and Goat Manure, Poultry Manure, Oil cakes, and green manure. But today we'll examine Farmyard manure.

Organic manure

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What is FYM?

Farm Yard Manure(FYM) attribute to the waste of animals feed or decomposed of the dung and also from the urine of animals. The enjoy organically cultivated crops are strongly associated with the upkeep of soil fertility based to an excellent extent on the soil organic matter content. Farmyard manure (FYM) is one of the more valuable organic fertilizers maintaining soil fertility within the systems of other agriculture.

What nutrient value present in FYM?

Organic Manure
Nutrients in FYM
If we see an average value of nutrient in FYM is well-decomposed farmyard manure contains 0.5 percent Nitrogen, 0.2 percent P2O5, and 0.5 percent K2O. These are commonly found in fresh manure but there some other nutrients like Na 0.08%, S 0.02%, Fe 2100 mg/kg, Zn 61 mg/kg, B 2.2 mg/kg, Mo 0.75 mg/kg, Cu 3 mg/kg and Mn 7 mg/kg. All the amount of nutrients present in farmyard manure is not available immediately after application. Around 30 percent of nitrogen, 60-70 percent of phosphorus, and 65-70 percent of potassium are available to which crop is sown after apply FYM.

When and how much to apply FYM in Field?

Farmyard Manure

Partially rotten farmyard manure can apply 21-25 days before sowing of the crop. Whereas a well rotten decomposed manure can be applied immediate before sowing. In such cases, FYM should be applied at least 15 days before sowing to avoid immobilization of nitrogen. Generally, there is no limit of FYM to apply in the field but minimum 1.5-3.0 t/ha whereas a recommended average of FYM is 10-15 t/ha. FYM basically apply by small heaps scattered in the field. If the manure is scattered in the field for a long time results in loss of nutrients. These losses can be reduced by spreading the manure and plow after the application of FYM.

Advantages of farm Yard Manure 

  • Well, respond to all crops, Vegetable crops like potato, tomato, sweet potato, carrot, radish, onion, etc. 
  • The other responsive crops like sugarcane, rice, cotton, Napier grass, and orchard crops like oranges, banana, mango as well as plantation crop like coconut.
  • FYM is a natural source of available Nitrogen.
  • FYM increases soil fertility.
  • FYM helps to breakdown the heavy soil.
  • FYM adds human and slow-releasing nutrients to the soil for a longer period of time.
  • FYM improves the soil structure.
  • FYM ensures proper aeration in soil and improves water holding capacity of the soil.
  • FYM helps in increasing the population of micro-organisms that enhances the availability of plant nutrients in the soil.

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