Wednesday 29 April 2020

Farmers are facing different agriculture Crops related Problems

Meerut farmers were facing problems in Peach. farmers have been fearing heavy losses due to this lockdown. Actually, they are not able to reach his peach crop in Mandis. Meerut area of ​​western Uttar Pradesh is particularly known for sugarcane and mango cultivation, but peaches are also famous here. 

farmers in lockdown
A Farmer is waiting for clear lockdown days

Farmers in western Uttar Pradesh have extensively cultivated peaches along with vegetables, mangoes and sugarcane. More than two thousand farmers of the region grow peaches every year. 

A large part of their production goes to other Mandis including Azadpur in Delhi. There is a ban on movement due to the lockdown. In such a situation, the peach crop has started rotting on the trees. If the crop is not delivered to the market within 15 days of preparation, the entire crop will be ruined. The fruits have been fully ripened but the biggest problem of the farmers is to take the crop to the market.

Whereas due to unseasonal rains and strong winds have wreaked havoc in mango orchards in Malihabad area of ​​Lucknow district. Farmers say they have incurred a loss of at least Rs 50,000 as some trees were uprooted along with mangoes due to thunderstorms and rains.

In Haryana, wheat is being purchased by 100 farmers every day, due to which the farmers were not happy. With the purchase of only 40 quintals of wheat per day, the farmer has to visit the market repeatedly.

Farmers were also very angry with the government's token system because, during the lockdown, there is a special distance in the Mandis, so only 100 farmers are allowed to be brought to the wheat market every day and they were not happy with the government's token system. Farmers say that due to the non-purchase of crops at one go, one has to visit in Mandis again and again.

There is an atmosphere of fear among traders in Azadpur Mandi, Delhi, due to the death of one agent and several others due to the coronavirus. Due to which many traders are not going to the Mandi as well as they are also asking for fewer goods, due to which the prices of potatoes and onions are increasing but from the farmer side, the price was decreasing. 

Incoming of fruits and vegetables and essential goods is getting equal. Every day 40 to 50 thousand people visit the Mandi, but the administration has so far conducted only 500 to 600 people. Has been done and about 250 people were investigated on Tuesday. The team of doctors is constantly making people aware of the Mandi and is also talking about ways to avoid corona.

At last, I can say that in any situation the days were good or bad problems burden is just faced by a farmer. 

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