Thursday 16 April 2020

Haryana Govt had Changed Crop Sell Places

Measure Steps For Farmers

During the lockdown 2.0 (Second Lockdown on coronavirus) time Govt has taken some measure steps for farmer's relief because they knew this is harvesting time of wheat and mustard have been harvested. The farmers were waiting to sell their crops in Mandis. So the Centre Govt and state govt maintain some rules and provide relief to them.
Wheat Procurement
Wheat Procurement

The farmer's work will continue and the necessary shops like a seed, pesticides, fertilizers, and Agriculture Equipments will remain open. Also, the Govt had decided to buy the crop of farmers. 

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No. of Procurement Centers 

In Punjab, Haryana has placed no restriction on the amount of crop it will buy from farmers during a single visit. Haryana Govt has increased the number of wheat procurement centers by five times over the last season to 1,915, It has 163 such centers for mustard and eight for gram (channa) by Sanjeev Kaushal, additional chief secretary, agriculture, farmer welfare, and cooperation.

On the other hand, Punjab collection centers increase to 5,000. It also declared that 50 quintals will be bought from each farmer at one time and followed by minimum a 72-hour rotation.

When Start and How Much Buy?

Procurement of wheat in Punjab will start on Wednesday and April 20 in Haryana. Haryana govt will procure 6.2-7 million tonnes (MT) of wheat, 700000-800000 tonne of mustard, and 41,000 tonnes of gram this year where the  Punjab Govt is expected to procure 13.7 MT of wheat.

How it Works?

The state has mapped all its farmers through a portal Meri Fasal Mera Byora and the procurement quantities also were known. The entire farmer will get an SMS followed by a phone call for reporting near the procurement center, where the farmer has to maintain a social distancing.

Now the Haryana Govt provides a list of wheat procurement centers in State Haryana. They need not visit the man and get together for selling his crop. The govt will buy the wheat, mustard crop at the village level to keep in mind for social distancing. 

Selling Centers in Haryana District Wise

In the entire state of Haryana 1410 centers for wheat in which 238 in Kurukshetra, 210 Kaithal, 152 in Karnal, 143 in Sirsa, 102 Yamuna Nagar, Fatehabad 151, 92 Ambala, Gurugram 12, Jind 54 and 60 in Hisar. Remaining is in other districts. Where 477 were marketing existing yards.

You can check your selling wheat nearest place by the attached PDF. In the PDF file, there is a district name and village name or center for farmers. Where the mustard buy procedure is also started yesterday (Wednesday). If the 100 farmers per day idea worked well then it is implemented and govt said it is a trial version let us see how it works.

Here is attached PDF you can scroll and check your nearest place.

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