Monday 27 April 2020

Wheat sacks drench in many Mandies farmers worried

The wheat crop of farmers in grain markets was drenched due to rain in many areas on Sunday. Wheat kept under the open sky is drenched due to a lack of adequate management of tarpaulin in Mandis and wheat procurement centers. 13-grain Mandis of Yamunanagar where are fully filled. At the same time, more than 100 wheat procurement centers were also filled to a great extent with water. The wheat was kept under the open sky for two days as the arrival of wheat intensified. There was no good arrangement for raising wheat. Farmers allege that there is no labor arrangement in the mandi or tarpaulin, which has made their wheat wet.
Grain Market
Rain in Mandi

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Haryana Grain Mandies  Situation 

In Ranjitpur and Rasulpur Grain Mandi, there were more problems due to lack of shed arrangement and hundreds of sacks kept in the open before the tarpaulin was covered. Wheat was also drenched in the grain market of Kaithal. No concrete arrangements were made by the district administration for this. There is a serious problem of raising wheat in front of traders and farmers. In Gurugram also, due to rain, wheat grains were drenched in the open in Mandi, whereas the wheat sacks lying in the open in Ambala Grain Mandi got wet due to rain. To a large extent, the sacks were covered but the farmers feared losses. The work of lifting wheat by the Sadora Grain Market Government is going on at a very slow pace. Most of the purchased wheat has come under rain due to slow movement.

Uttar Pradesh Grain Mandis

It is also known from some Mandis of Uttar Pradesh that a dozen government wheat purchasing centers have been established in Roja Mandi. The center in-charge of FCI and RFC got the farmer's food grains sold in the open. They were not even kept in the tin shed. The whole grain got wet due to heavy rain

Farmers Reviews against Mandi Management  

The farmers said that if the weather worsens further, the crop that is ready to harvest in the fields and standing in the Mandis may be damaged. Mustard is also the same because both mustard and wheat crops are being purchased simultaneously. Due to shortage of traders, the system is deteriorating in the grain market, if the administration does not pay attention to this, then the system may be worse, the water in the wheat market in the grain market entered the sacks due to rainwater. There has been a lot of damage in the sacks, about one lakh wheat sacks are lying in the market in the Indri Grain Market, which got wet in the rain due to lack of lift.

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