Friday 3 April 2020

Global agencies have warned for food crisis

Global agencies have warned that because of the coronavirus epidemic, there could also be a 'food crisis' before the world. These agencies have said that if the countries of the world fail to handle the epidemic during a proper way, then such a situation can arise. 
Food Crises
Hi, welcome to Vantika Tech. The governments of the many countries of the globe are 'locked down' because of Corona virus, which has halted international trade and disrupted the food supply chain.

People at home have started panic shopping which has led to emptying of supermarkets in many countries. A joint statement signed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Health Organization (WTO) Director General Edhanom Grabeusus and World Trade Organization (WTO) director Robert Ejvedo said uncertainty over food availability Export could also be curbed because of this. 

This might create a shortage of food items in global markets. Every effort should be made to make sure that the flow of trade isn't interrupted amidst the lockdown implemented thanks to covid-19. This is often particularly important to avoid food shortages.

The statement said that with the protection of the health of its citizens, various countries should attempt to make sure that trade-related measures don't disrupt the availability chain of food items. Agricultural production is being suffering from long-term occupy home and travel curbs because the labor pool isn't available for the agricultural sector and is facing difficulty in transporting food items to the market. 

The three heads said that such hurdles have affected the movement of workers working in agriculture and food sector. Perishable products and food items are being wasted by this. The statement said that there's a requirement to offer special protection to those engaged in food production, processing and distribution.

Whereas WHO impressed to see the management of India during the tough time and the policy for the Indian citizens and poor people and appreciate the Indian govt. Because when they have seen lockdown in India and now other countries have decided to lockdown their country to protect the Public.

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