Monday 6 April 2020

Crop Yield Improvement


Cytokinins and brassinosteroids (BRs) plant hormones are the most useful for controlling plant productivity and yield improvement. At Panicle Initiation and Flowering stage a foliar spray of Brassosteriods (BRs) 0.3 ppm help to increase the yield. 
Paddy Yield Improvement
Yield Improvement

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BR plays an important role in increasing seed size and weight. Farmers can use thiamin solution for induction of better rooting during early establishment in rice. You need to root dipping for 16 hours in this solution will help in better results. 

If you have facing or want to increase rooting under the broadcast method of planting, soaking roots in 25 ppm indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) will help to get a better result in paddy.  


Cotton buds treatment with Brassinazole (Brz)  results in the absence of fiber differentiation, indicating that BR is required for fiber initiation as well as elongation. In a foliar spray of Brassinolide(BL) 0.1 ppm in cotton during the vegetative and square formation stage will give a good result. 

Also, the foliar spray of humic acid( change the fixation property of soil as neutralizes acid and alkaline soils, and improve pH, increasing buffering property, and optimizes the update of nutrients)  0.1% at vegetation, square and boll formation stage will enhance cottonseed yield.


In corn also a foliar spray of Brassinolide (0.1 ppm) and urea 1% at 25 and 45 Date After Sowing to increase the corn yield. If you want to make 1ppm then dissolve 1mg in 1 liter of water.

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