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Pest management in Onion

Onion is the most common bulb vegetable grown in India. Pest management is very important in this crop for better yield and good quality. This article will help you to find out the onion pest and control measure. Let us see the major pests of onion.
Pest Management in Onion
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1. Onion Thrips

Onion thrips are very commonly found in onion crops which decreases the quality as well as quantity of bulb. Onion Thrips is known as Thrips tabaci is a key insect of onion. The eggs of this insect are white and later change into orange. Become an adult thrips change their colour from pale yellow to grey and when becoming an adult the colour is yellowish-brown. Nymph and pupa attack on leaves and suck the sap of leaves, results in the affected leaves have white Bloch and silvery patches and leaves turn into dry, curl and roll. The leaves at higher damage dry from tip to downward.


To reduce the pest attack farmers should remove the weeds and clean the field from time to time.
Seedling roots dip in carbendazim + carbosulfan before planting which will prevent the fungal and insect-like trips for 30-40 days.
Also can be controlled by foliar spray of dimethoate 0.06%.Profanofos 1ml or Carbosulfan 2ml in 1000l/ha after 30 days of planting.

2. Eriophyid mite

It is the second most common pest in onion crop these are cigar shape and can be seen by a microscope. Adult and immature both attack on leaves and results in damage leaves are unable to open completely. The whole plant shows curling leaf symptoms and shows a short bulb.

Onion Pest Management
Onion Pest Management


It can be controlled by applying wettable sulphur 0.3% or Diamethoate 0.3% or Dicifol 2 ml/l as seed treatment before sowing and post as before planting.

3. Head Borer

Its insect is generally found in that onion which is grown for seed purpose. This insect is white creamy and spherical in shape, greenish to brown in immature stage whereas the adult is yellowish-brown and stount moth. It mostly attacks the flowering stage and attack on flower results the flower becomes a dry and complete loss of seeds occurs.


Farmers can control them by using pheromone traps in the field.
Also can be controlled by HaNPV and Btk formulation can have an effective result.

4. Ear Wig

It is less found in onions but in southern and central India they found in onions and Eggs of earwig are laid only in the tender leaf where the adult varies from pale yellow to grey in colour.


It can be controlled by soil application of Carbofuran 3 G at 30 kg/ha after 20 Days of sowing and earthed up.

5. Onion Fly

They are whitish large fly during immature and grey at the adult stage. They feed on leaves and leaves start becoming rotten and rolled up. Also, the growth of tubers gets hampered, tissues get decayed which affects the onion quality during marketing.


Farmers should follow or adopt proper crop rotation
It also can be controlled by foliar spray of malathion 1 lit/ha.

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