Thursday 2 April 2020

Farmers of India is forced to shed his months of effort on the Roads

The coronavirus epidemic which has created such calamity on the farmers of India is forced to shed his months of effort on the roads, and there is not enough money to supply it.

Lockdown India 

Hi, Welcome to Vantika Tech. Due to the lockdown across the country, the system of transportation and supply of goods, and travel from one state to another has come to a standstill, as well as buyers are not coming, the result of which is to raise the farmer as well. There is no restriction on the supply of grains, vegetables but due to the lockdown, farmers in many states are forced to throw their produce on the road.


In Mysore, Karnataka, farmers were forced to throw tomatoes on the road due to a lack of buyers. In which all states have closed their borders and buyers are not coming from neighboring states. The demand for tomatoes from Mysore in Karnataka was from the neighboring state of Kerala and now buyers are not coming from Kerala as there is no transportation facility. 

That is why our farmers are throwing their crops on the roads, so in Karnataka, milk is being fed in the rivers, in such a way, how can we save the food provider, this is mine question. Also, it has been seen in some parts of the country that vegetables are becoming expensive, potato and tomato prices also have gained momentum.

Poultry Farm

The impact of Lockdown is having an impact on the poultry farm of Haryana. Because the poultry farm operators say that the poultry is not getting food for survival and the owners have now decided to kill the chickens. Jind, Kaithal, Panipat, Kurukshetra, Gurugram, Panchkula and Yamunanagar egg-broiler chicken is grown in Haryana. These districts have a turnover of up to 15,000 crores annually. There are about 2000 broiler farms producing more than 1.5 thousand hatcheries and chicken in the entire state. More than one crore chickens are reared in these farms. On an average 20 thousand tons of grains are required these days. To feed the chickens, millet and soybean are not available in the state. Normally millet, soybean came from Madhya Pradesh, but due to the lockdown there is no grain coming from there. Money is also ready to be given, but due to not getting a grain, they do not have any choices and they thinking kill the chickens.

Pulses and fodder    

Due to the 21-day lockdown in the country, the work of pulses mills slowed, which has led to a rise in the prices of pulses, as well as the prices of livestock fodder, khanda and bran are said to be Rs 150 increased to Rs 200 per quintal. 

Maharashtra Govt.  

At the same time, some state government is ready to give farmers relief like the Maharashtra government has decided to buy 10 lakh liters of milk on a daily basis. The state government will buy 10 lakh liters of milk at the rate of Rs 25 per liter. Milk procurement will start in the next four-five days and will continue for the next two-three months even after the corona crisis ends. The lockdown has reduced the consumption of milk, sweets shops in cities in their state. Factories manufacturing milk powder, cheese and cheese are also closed.

Due to reduced demand for milk, the price of milk has come down by Rs 15 to 17 per liter. Farmers are seen putting milk on the roots of plants. The state government had to take this decision to protect the farmers from this loss.

ISMA( Indian Sugar Mills Association)

At the same time, according to the Indian Sugar Mills Association, crushing is going on in only 185 sugar mills across the country, most of which are from North India. Last year at this time, crushing was going on in 240 sugar mills in the country. Movement of trucks was affected due to the lockdown, ISMA assured the central government that sugar is available in sufficient quantity in the country and that sugar mills will continue crushing in the states where sugar cane is left and the sugarcane farmers will face some kind of trouble No will be allowed to come.

Agriculture Minister Bihar

At the same, the Agriculture Minister Bihar said that the department is insisting on harvesting wheat with harvester or ripper-cum-binder. Wheat is harvested in the state from the Combine Harvester which comes from Punjab. It is restricted to movement in the event of a lockdown due to the corona, he said, adding that agricultural equipment already used by the Indian government for agricultural purposes from one place to another Permission has been given to bring to and from the place. It was also decided by the Government of Bihar to free farmers and agricultural laborers from agriculture, manure-seeds, pesticide manufacturing, harvesting, sowing, and other agricultural/horticultural equipment under state and interstate operations/transport from lockdown.

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