Friday 1 May 2020

Kerala state government spend Rs 3,000 crores in Agriculture

Kerala state government has recently announced that they are planning to spend Rs 3,000 crores over the next year to boost state food production and revive agriculture. They also said the aim of behind this to revitalize agriculture, increase the revenue of their farmers and bring the youth of state towards farming and the people who had lost their jobs. 
Kerala state government  spend Rs 3,000 crores in Agriculture
Boost Agriculture Sector

I think this is a good step of Kerala Govt to increase agriculture production and attract their youth for farming with new technology ideas and smart farming in the state. 

The state govt is also planning for intercropping in 1.4 lakh ha which is a good idea of spread farming and helps to increase the production. If this type of planning will successful it will benefit village people and as well as urban citizens. The govt said the new agriculture markets will be opened in rural areas and some urban areas and also want to explore the digital marketing system in the state. 

The CM of Kerala said they will or the agriculture department has come up with a master program to use fallow lands for farming from this month means May 2020. Also said the project will be implemented in all local government bodies by using the wasteland in their state. 

The state Agriculture Department has prepared a draft plan and when it will be finalized, the implementation of the project will be starting soon.  The CM Pinarayi Vijayan said work to increase the livestock, milk as well as egg production and aquaculture.  The local bodies would make necessary changes in the project before 15 May of implementation. 

Let's see the project and wait till the date and govt should implement these types for projects in all states and for all youth to increase the production.

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