Sunday 10 May 2020

Leaf Curl Problem in Cotton Crop

In Indian agriculture, the Kharif season is very important in which two crops play an important role. One is Paddy and another is Cotton on which most of the farmers were depend and cultivated in India. In cotton crops, some problem comes in crops, especially in early sowing cotton crop. 
Leaf Curl Cotton
Damage cotton plant

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Farmers of northern India state sow the cotton in the month of may to decrease the loss due to high temperatures and insects pest problem, but during this year the weather is suddenly changed due to which leaf curl problems came in cotton crop especially in a mustard harvested field. 

In this leaf curl of cotton plants on upward side problem worried the farmers. First I'm sharing with you that farmers need not worry about this type of problem, especially in an early stage. Because these types of problems found in cotton due to weather change and came into force in cloudy weather. This leaf curl is not any type of diseases this is a pest attack on cotton due to high humidity and cloudy weather.  

In this whitefly attack on a cotton leaf on the lower side of a leaf and start sucking the sap of leaf due to which the leaf of plants turs to the upward side. If you check your damage plant you will get the whitefly symptoms on the lower side which is responsible to generate this type of leaf. If the area of damage is high in plants then farmers can control them by chemically and biologically. 

But if the plants are damaged in a low amount or less than 1 percent then it will clear automatically when the temperature rises. These types of pests also found in tomato also. We had write an post on tomato in which you will read about the lifecycle of whitefly and control measure in tomato. 

Control Measure for Leaf curl

Farmers can control them by apply acephate + confiodor mixture to the cotton plants. This mixture will help to reduce the population of pest and the leaf will open.
Also, farmers can apply the neem leaf oil or boil the neem leaf and the water apply in cotton also help to reduce the damage because it is sour in taste and insects are unable to survive on leaf. 

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