Monday 18 May 2020

Cyclone Amphan Update

Cyclone amphan update
Amphan Cyclone

As we are waiting for the southwest monsoon in India but before reaching the Monson a low-pressure area was formed in the Bay of Bengal and moving towards the Andhra Pradesh and coastal area of southern India. 

Amphan Cyclone Alert

The Indian Govt or India Meteorology Department issue a Yellow Alert in Southern Zone of India. This alert includes southern as well as some eastern states of the country. Alert is based on the high speed of cyclone and heavy rain.

Amphan Cyclone 2020

It is the first cyclone which reaches before monsoon and makes the monsoon to reach before time. Favorable condition for southwest monsoon in India. It is estimated that the southwest monsoon may reach on 28-30th May 2020. As compared to last year it will reach 10 days ago in India. The speed of cyclone is more than 100km/h when it will reach near to the coastal areas. It will be formed into cyclonic storm on the 18th of May and reach the coastal area on the 19th of May.

Amphan Cyclone Tracking

It will first affect the Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh to the Puri Coastal area. After on 20th May, it moves towards the Eastern States and reach near Bhadrak, Soro, and  Balasore on 20th May in the evening in West Bengal and move towards Jharkhand and then Near Bihar on 21st of may with high speed and heavy rain during movement towards one to another place. And at last it stops between Deoghar and Bahalpur. But the rain will reach up to Patna Bihar till the 22nd of May.

Amphan Cyclone Impact on Agriculture 

  • Fishermen are advised not to venture in coastal areas till the 21st of May.
  • Do not irrigate the standing crop and make a proper arrangement in the field.
  • Postpone the sowing and transplanting of new crops till 21st.

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