Thursday 7 May 2020

50% Subsidy on Agriculture Machinery and Equipment

Punjab Govt. providing the 50% subsidy to the farmers. As we know that this is the main season of Kharif crop Especially for Paddy in Punjab. Due to the COVID-19 where all the States were lockdown and farmers are facing the main labor in many states especially in Punjab where most of the farmers were dependent on labor.
50% Subsidy on Agriculture Machinery and Equipment

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In order to encourage the direct sowing of paddy in Punjab. The Punjab govt decided to provide the subsidy to the farmers up to 50 % purchase on machinery purchase. 

This step is taken to reduce the labor burden from the farmers. Agriculture Secretary Kahan Singh Pannu said that a 50% subsidy would be provided to women, scheduled castes, and 40% to other farmers. 

Also, the machinery includes different types of machinery for different crops like direct seeding of rice machines in which spray attachment and without attachment, paddy nursery sowing machines, and paddy transplanting machines. 

Also on the types of equipment used for maize, sowing, threshing, and drying. Because from the last week of the month the maize sowing will start and at some districts where sowing already is done in the month of March. So the govt has seen all the criteria and situations of farmers decide to provide the subsidy to their state people. This will further help to save the water and labor costs of the farmers.

Agriculture Secretary said farmers had been asked to submit their applications to avail the benefit of subsidy on machinery required for paddy and maize cultivation till 10 May. The farmers can submit their applications directly to the near field officers on a simple paper, through e-mail or Whatsapp. The farmers who are interested and want to take subsidy can get more information at toll-free no 1800-180-1551 of ‘Kisan Call Centre’ from 6 am to 10 pm.

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