Tuesday 26 May 2020

VM Singh 27 May Kisan Bachao Desh Bachao

VM Singh
Sardar VM Singh 

To bring the country's economy back on track, the Central Government has announced a special economic relief package of 20 lakh crores. Its effect will be seen in the coming time. But economic experts believe that this package could also fail to accelerate the economy without creating demand in the market.

To generate demand in the market, it is necessary to bring money in the hands of the people so that people come forward for shopping. For this, the agriculture sector should be made the basis. About 50 percent of the country's population still depends on the agricultural sector. In this way, strengthening this sector will not only increase demand, but will also strengthen the country's gross domestic product.

AIKSCC Sardar VM Singh told 'Amar Ujala' that in the package of Rs. 20 lakh crore, the Center has given the maximum emphasis on running industries which could not stand in lock down, while giving the maximum emphasis to the farmers of the country. Should have, which stood firm despite the troubles of the lock down. Increasing the strength of this class will increase demand, which will also give strength to industries. If the purchasing power of this class is not increased, it is very difficult to generate demand in the market.

According to agricultural economic expert Devender Sharma, the agriculture sector has suffered a direct economic loss of about Rs 1.5 lakh crore due to the lock-down. This includes losses due to non-sale of vegetables, fruits, flowers and dairy products.

To compensate for this, the government should provide direct monetary help to the farmers' account. If the government helps farmers by giving them relief packages, then the agriculture sector will also be strengthened and the people who reach the villages after migrating cities will also get employment. This will also help in strengthening the GDP of the country.

The agricultural sector currently produces around Rs 30 lakh crore, or about 15 per cent of GDP. It also includes a product of Rs 10 lakh crore produced from milk and animal husbandry. If the government gives strength to the farmers, then this production will also increase and employment opportunities will also increase in this area.

About 20 thousand crores of sugarcane farmers are still outstanding on sugar mills. If this bill is also paid, then it will directly benefit 40 lakh farmers of the country.

VM Singh said that on May 27 2020, he will celebrate Save the Farmers, Save Country Day( Kisan_Bachao_Desh _Batao ) to raise the issue of farmers. Under this, writing a special letter to the Prime Minister from every part of the country will be made aware of the problems of farmers.

According to the information, farmers can demand for loan waiver, declaring the minimum support price of all crops with a minimum profit of 50 per cent of the cost price and cutting diesel prices. Apart from this, there may be a demand to cut electricity prices, increase Kisan Samman Nidhi.

Let us hope something good happens with farmers to increase their income and govt will provide some relief to the farmers .

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