Sunday 31 May 2020

Yellowing of Green Gram

Green Gram is a major growing pulses in India. More than 50 lakh Hectares in India every year. It is also known as moong/Mung in India.
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Green Gram

During the weather change the farmers have to face a problem regarding to Yellowing of green gram and it damage more than 80 percent of area in few days. Today we read about the symptoms and control measures of yellowing of mung.

Yellow Mosaic Virus

Generally it mainly occurs in May and June month in India. The main favorable condition for this is weather change like light rain at few days difference and cloudy weather for few days. In this weather at starting days one or two plants shows symptoms like yellowing of plants, decline of green color, spots and patches on leaves and curling of leaves are the major symptoms of this disease. It is basically known as Yellow Mosaic Virus in Mung Crop. It is due to the whitefly attack in crops which increase the damage from one to another plant leaves.  You can watch this video for more information about disease and control measures.

Control Measures

Farmers can decrease the damage by using seed treatment before sowing the crop by Carbendazim or Acetamiprid.
Apply one of the following pesticides Dimethoate or Acephate  or  Acetamiprid at recommended dose.
Sulfex is also helping to reduce the damage in crop.

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