Tuesday 2 June 2020

Most Vegetables Rotten in field in India

The long lockdown in India has broken the back of vegetable producing farmers. Tomatoes and brinjals are rotting in some fields, and some have beetroot harvested at a cost of two lakh rupees. Farmers like Palwal and Tinda are also forced to sell cheaply.
farmers sell tomato

Farmers have predicted that the situation will remain the same as before until the system of sending goods to cities on a large scale starts. No one is asking for bitter gourd, gourd, and snake guard. We do not even get five rupees per kg of the gourd. 30-35 quintal tomatoes were rotting in the field itself, what to do, the local spot-market is closed and the goods are not sold in the market too. Selling tomatoes for five rupees a kg was a loss deal.

Before the lockdown, tomato used to be sold at Rs 16-18 per kg even in the worst condition. 25 kg carats of tomatoes are being sold for barely Rs 100-150, whereas last year one carat was sold for Rs 800-1100.

Farmers say that the tobacco crop is also dumped in the house. There is a big crisis due to lack of consumption at the local level and out of stock goods like normal days. Officers are failing in the management and balance of demand and supply, so the farmer is not seeing any route. Farmers are forced to sell their vegetables for cheap and their cost is not coming out, in this case, the government should do something for the farmers.

This problem is not based on a single farmer. This is the current situation of vegetable farming farmer in India.

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