Friday 12 June 2020

Madhya Pradesh is at Top where Punjab is at Second Place in wheat

Punjab at second in wheat

Punjab is counted in a state of good production in production and procurement in the entire country. This time, Madhya Pradesh has left behind in Punjab in the case of wheat preparation. Although the margins worked very well, the Madhya Pradesh government left Punjab behind, which increased its farmers and government performance.

Difference and Numbers

If we talk about the number, then in Madhya Pradesh 127 lakh 67 thousand 628 tonnes wheat procurement has been registered whereas, in Punjab, the wheat procurement figure is 127.67 lakhs. However, the state of Punjab has exceeded the target of 125 lakh tonnes of wheat. Because the government had set a target of 125 lakh tonnes of procurement, whereas the purchase has been more than that. Nevertheless, Madhya Pradesh has overtaken Punjab in the number one position in wheat procurement this year.

What is the reason

For many years, the bad effect of weather deteriorating in the harvesting season in Punjab is damaging wheat and paddy crops. Meanwhile, in view of the problem of groundwater, the state government is also trying to divert the farmers towards low water crops. The area under wheat and paddy is steadily declining in the state. 

For the Kharif season, the state government has reduced the area under paddy to 20 lakh hectare from last year's 23 lakh hectare. Under crop diversity, the government is paying attention to the promotion of cultivation of maize or cotton instead of paddy. However, the emphasis is on increasing basmati cultivation in Punjab. 

Last year, where the area under basmati was 6.30 lakh hectare, there is a target of 7 lakh hectare this year. At the same time, the area under maize is targeted to be increased from 1.60 lakh hectare last year to 3 lakh hectare this year. The area under cotton has increased to 4.80 lakh hectare from 3.92 lakh hectare last year and the government wants to take it to five lakh hectare.

Agriculture Secretary Kahan Singh Pannu

Punjab Agriculture Secretary Kahan Singh Pannu says that the new figures are not much of a concern for the state as Madhya Pradesh's increased yields this year are temporary, while wheat cultivation in Punjab is due to being based on canal water to achieve the target it's easy. He said that till now farming in Madhya Pradesh is dependent on rainwater, which is a matter of uncertainty. Pannu claimed that next year Punjab would again be at number one with a new wheat target.

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