Thursday 11 June 2020

Farmers have a tendency to grow mung crops, profit is more than the cost

Mung Area
Green Gram

The cultivation of moong is beginning to be pleasing to farmers in northern, western, and central India. The practice of cultivating moong is increasing year after year. This time the cultivation of moong is expected to be doubled. The crop is also better than farmers using organic manure.

In Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, farmers increased the crop of mung crops, the government is also working to increase the mung crop in Haryana and parts of Punjab. Where mung(green gram) crop was grown in some parts in many states but this time the farmers are growing more mung crop

Farmers were assuming that where there is the scarcity of water and not available in a high amount of water, the same farmers are going towards the mung crop, which was earlier towards planting the gawar (cluster bean). The farmers also thought that the yield of gawar and mung are almost equal. If we talk about the rate, then the rate of mung is high then other crops. The cost in both crops is equal, but the profit seems to be more in the mung crops.

The mung crop is ready in 70 -90 days and the yield is around 12 to 15 quintals. Its cost per hectare is seven to eight thousand rupees. Prices from six to seven thousand rupees per quintal are available in the market.

Expect good yields

Agricultural officials wish that the yield is expected to be good this time, some of the verdicts which were taken in March-April are ready to ripen and farmers are still thinking of planting mung crops because the price is right. If the rains did not cause any damage and get a good price to farmers then the farmers get great relief.

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