Thursday 4 June 2020

Kharif Crop MSP 2020 Increased

Paddy MSP Increase

The central government has increased the minimum support price (MSP) of paddy, the main Kharif crop for the Kharif marketing season 2020-21 by just Rs 53 per quintal, ie 2.9 percent, to Rs 1,868 for the common variety and Rs 1,888 per grade-A variety. Have set the quintal. The increase in MSP of paddy has been reduced as compared to last year.

Last Year kharif MSP

The Cabinet Committee (CCEA) meeting decided to increase the MSP of Kharif crops from 2.1 percent to 12.7 percent. In the press conference after the meeting, the Union Agriculture Minister said that on the recommendation of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), the MSP has been fixed by fixing a profit of 50 percent of the cost of paddy.

Ming MSP

Last year, the central government had raised the price of paddy MSP by 3.7 percent, ie Rs 65 per quintal in the Kharif season, to Rs 1,815 per quintal variety and Rs 1,835 per quintal of grade-A variety. Arhar MSP, the main crop of Kharif pulses, has been increased by Rs 200 ie by 3.7 percent, by Rs 6,000, by Moong MSP by Rs 146, by 2.1 percent by Rs 7,196 and by Urad by increasing by Rs 300 ie 5.3 percent by Rs 300. 6,000 per quintal has been fixed.

Soybean and Groundnut MSP

Major MSP of soybean oilseeds has been raised by Rs 170 to Rs 3,880 and groundnut MSP by Rs 185 to Rs 5,275, Sunflower seed MSP has been increased by Rs 235 to Rs 5,885 and rosewood seed support price The price has been increased by Rs 370 to Rs 6,855 and the support price of Niger seed has been increased by Rs 755 to Rs 6,695 per quintal. We have to import about 140 to 150 lakh tonnes of edible oils every year due to the production of oilseeds being less than consumption.

Increase in support price of Millet, Maize and Cotton
Cotton MSP

Cereals MSP 2020

In coarse cereals, the support price of bajra increased by Rs 150 to Rs 2,150, the MSP of maize increased by Rs 90 to Rs 1,850 and the support price of ragi  Rs 145 to Rs 3,295 and the support price of jowar by Rs 70 The MSP of hybrid has been fixed at Rs 2,620 and Jowar at Rs 2,640 per quintal. Apart from this, the price of medium staple cotton has been increased by Rs 260 per quintal to Rs 5,515 and the long-staple cotton MSP has been increased by Rs 275 to Rs 5,825 per quintal. Last year, the price of cotton was increased by Rs 105 and Rs 100 per quintal to Rs 5,255 for medium staples and Rs 5,550 per quintal for long staples.

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