Monday 4 May 2020

Farmers Worried and Govt plan for Kharif Season

Coronavirus lockdown hit the availability of labor in the ongoing wheat marketing season, and now the situation of states affects the sowing of paddy. The lack of labor is a cause of worry for farmers who fear there will be no farmhands in June when paddy season begins. In paddy season the labor place a major role in states like Punjab and Haryana.

Paddy Season

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The Haryana govt has decided to work on a strategy to help farmers switch from paddy to crops to maize and cotton on more than 100,000 hectares of farmland. Also promoting the direct sowing of paddy to boost the agriculture problems related to transplantation and sowing activities to ease the shortage of labor during the current Kharif season.

The Punjab state government has decided to increase the area under maize crop cultivation from 3.95 lakh acres in 2019 to  7.41 lakh acres in this season, with the two main objective of shifting towards water-resistant alternate crops to conserve the fast depleting groundwater and coping with the shortage of labor due to lockdown and coronavirus.

Whereas the Madhya Pradesh Govt has made amendments in the Mandi Act with a view to providing their farmer's maximum value of their crops. In this farmers will be able to sell their grain, fruits, and vegetables to private traders from home or directly from the field or they have the option to sell their crops in mandi at MSP.

It is mandatory for traders to take a license to procure the crop from farmers and it is valid for the entire state.

The central govt is working on boosting the agriculture sector and provide more relief to agriculture-related sectors and make easier. And maybe some additional company and farm problem will be sorted out after May 4 but it depends on the state to state. Govt has maintained the farm sector to work smoothly during lockdown and covid19.

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