Saturday 30 May 2020

Odisha Govt spend 17000 crore Agri, fishery and rural development

Odisha Govt Spend 17000 crore

Odisha Govt announced 17000 crore

Odisha Govt will spend Rs 17000 crore during the next 10 months. They include the agriculture sector like fishery, animal resources, forests and handloom, handcraft in rural areas and 6640 crores in NREGA to generate employment through these sectors.

The state council of ministers on Friday approve this live hood intervention plan during the coronavirus pandemic, which will help the people's loss and crises due to corona. 

According to the Chief secretary Asit Tripathy they will generate employment of 20 crore person-days under NREGS.  Whereas  Rs 140 crore will be spent for skill development of migrant workers which are estimated to 40000 workers.  For the 1000 crore will spend to creation ponds under Mo Pokhari.

In the livelihood package, they support the farmers to provide 5 lakh subsidized certified quality of seed and estimated to includes 24.5 lakh farmers in this and the investment is around 200 crores. 

They provide hybrid vegetable seeds covering 50,000 hectares, vegetable seed mini kits for 50,000 hectares, seedlings for fruit horticulture plants for backyard plantation to more than 2 lakh farmers, and high-value vegetables in 40 tribal blocks. Also,  At least 4 lakh plastic crates will be supplied to farmers with a 90% subsidy.

Contract farming will be encouraged in Odisha which will increase production, marketing, help agriculture entrepreneur and plan for produce in modern patterns.

In fishery, they will spend 111 crores and provides new fishery ponds, inputs to around 39000 farmers, and 10000 marine fishermen. Also, 1500 women help group for pisciculture at the Panchayat level. Also, provide permission to work overtime and guidelines for women.

In this, they include some urban families and such types of works like cleaning drains, remodeling of parks and playgrounds, construction of public toilets. 

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